Terrible Tout

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    Upside down taxation policy

    My usually reliable sources tell me this year’s Yearling Sale has hit rock bottom with only 86 entries. EIGHTY-SIX? Christ on a crutch, that’s down 34% from 2016’s paltry 130 and a massive 60% from 2009’s 213 entries. It can no longer be swept under the carpet. Jamaica’s breeding...
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    Always insist on “value”

    How often have you heard the refrain from punters exiting the track with empty pockets “but mi did pick five winners today…”? These punters have lost sight of the most important factor in any enterprise, namely its objective is the pursuit of profit.  Especially in Jamaica, where the Tote...
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    Owners Are People Too!

      The most important persons in any industry are the customers, which is why the record high takeouts by Jamaica’s racing promoter must be addressed if the industry is to survive. I’ve already written on how this can be achieved (May 26, 2017: ‘Time for Financial Fundamentals’) in which...
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    Another winner on merit loses

    Once again, a piece of horse racing history has been written by officials instead of contestants as the stewards stepped in and disqualified yet another Grade 1 winner. From as far back as April 28, I wrote in Public Opinion about HENRY THE SECOND after his win in a...
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    Time for financial fundamentals

    Turning local horse racing around won’t be easy for the simple reason it’s been operating on too many fiscal fallacies for too long. Firstly, the industry’s investors have been put to sit at the back of the bus for so long they struggle to recognize the injustice. FACT: Breeders, owners...
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    Claiming not selling

    Some misguided, or maybe forgetful, pundits have been calling for racing to return to the handicapping system. The forgetfulness from which they appear to suffer is that we were there before. Not only was that system easily manipulated by horses’ connections and handicappers alike, it helped to put the...

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