crime word cloudSome weeks ago I published an article here that attempted to clarify which type of violence we were experiencing. I disqualified war, civil war, and narrowed it down through analogy to closely resembling the Chicago crime gangs of the Roaring Twenties and coming forward, as typified as the struggle between Al Capone (and others) and Elliot Ness of the FBI.

That struggle dealt with the ability of criminal gangs expanding to the stage where local and state authorities were seriously compromised including the police, judiciary, and the political establishments. The article described the conjoint efforts of different Federal agencies in a concerted effort to pursue all the elements of crime. These agencies included the FBI; Revenue and Customs; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms among others. The result: Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion (not murder).

We keep asking for a crime plan in Jamaica that must be widely publicized and discussed by various groups before being put into action. I do not believe that we should pursue law enforcement by referendum. The police commissioner, the prime minister, and the minister of national security, have clear jobs to do with regard to the safety of the nation.

The police commissioner needs to enforce laws that tend towards reassuring citizens. The prime minister is the leader of the country and must make decisions that may not be based on his own political popularity. The minister of security must ensure that the resources are provided for effective policing. They need to uphold laws regardless of how many citizens have deteriorated into the lawless “hold a food” mentality.

Human life is a live and direct reality show and we must allow people to do their jobs and at the appropriate time evaluate their performance objectively. As an analogy, consider the frustration of a surgeon about to perform an immediate life-saving operation on a patient being told “wait until the others come back in two months from their vacation in Australia”. We have no time to waste in the fight of good over evil, life or death, crime or calm. This is our reality.

I congratulate the steps taken to general enforcement measures. The seizure of goods in Downtown Kingston constitutes a move against corruption in imports, payment of duties, payment of GCT, payment of other taxes, minimum wage infringements, working conditions, health and sanitation, and many other illegal activities.

Despite the TV appearance “protests” about “dem a sell wi di goods cheap”, the unseen linkage of undocumented or illegal goods is the similar route for illegal guns. We buy food from street vendors with no means of sanitation, and then we rush to the hospital to be treated for gastro at the taxpayers’ expense. It can’t work.

To keep answering questions about where we are going to raid next would be tantamount to aiding and abetting criminal activities. We would allow criminals to flee quietly and upset other communities. No successful boxer telegraphs his punches. As long as we enforce laws properly and without unlawful brutality then the fringe groups have no raison d’etre or need to play the violin music.

So, commissioner, please continue to enforce the laws regarding traffic, illegal transportation, illegal street vending, littering, smoking of anything in public spaces, scamming, protection rackets, dumping private building materials on roads, GCT compliance, night noises, garages in residential areas, and so many others, and we will return civility to the Wild, Wild West (the Jamaica beyond the Gunfight at the OK Corral). Citizens will eventually support you and assist with information. Cory Littleton Jersey

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