• reggae

    Entertainment tourism – Let’s pick some cherries!

    The Annual Tourism Arrivals statistics for Jamaica for 2017 have a metric on which we have not had any public commentary and reveal a set of possibilities for the country. In 2017, neither unnaturally nor unexpectedly, the month with the largest number of arrivals was December. We welcomed 251,800...
  • community tourism

    The endless opportunities of community tourism

    Jamaica has been branded the home of community tourism by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) since this is where it was pioneered by Diana McIntyre-Pike and Desmond Henry over 40 years ago.  Since then, the Countrystyle Community Tourism Network has developed a programme called Villages as...
  • port_de_montego_bay

    The Budget: Jamaica has no time for a House of Jokers

    The recently passed 2017/18 budget was a messy affair culminating in a walkout by the Opposition, and the passage was only by the vote of the governing party. I am unable to recall if this exact circumstance has previously been specifically directed at a budget exercise or perhaps at...
  • sunrise

    Jamaica needs a revolution of the mind

      Jamaica, on the face of it, has made amazing progress since Independence in 1962.  We have a stable multiracial society; we have never had any political upheaval that leads to dictators; and despite our many incompetent leaders we have had a relatively stable economy. However, when one takes a...

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