moss solomon

  • black person at crossroads


     The context of a crossroad is simply understood in terms of traffic, for if you come to a section where two roads meet (intersection) then there are four clear choices — go straight, go left, go right; or turn back. Secondly, at a T-junction the choice is to the...
  • globalism

    In This Era of Chaos

    In the beginning there was formless matter called chaos. The Bible and other accounts suggest that God made matter or form out of that Chaos and that is the start of the Universe. Philosophers may well ask the question “who made chaos”, not really expecting an answer. Well now,...
  • Flooding

    And now…the unreal soap opera #Jamaica

    The response to living in a stressful environment cannot be to continue to encourage the succession of crises that detract from important issues of State. Since my last article we have had several episodes of an unreal soap opera called Hashtag Jamaica. Just to be fair, the USA is...
  • maxresdefault

    The building is on fire, but everyone, including HR, is in a meeting!

     The concept of growth in an advanced heavy industrial production based society in the new millennium has a pronounced leaning towards high-speed automatic machines and robotics. In those societies, even the concept of distribution embraces automation, and in shipping, the discipline of mechatronics has enabled the mega-carriers of cargo...
  • port_de_montego_bay

    The Budget: Jamaica has no time for a House of Jokers

    The recently passed 2017/18 budget was a messy affair culminating in a walkout by the Opposition, and the passage was only by the vote of the governing party. I am unable to recall if this exact circumstance has previously been specifically directed at a budget exercise or perhaps at...

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