1. My FLOW landline is crackling badly despite the visit of a crew and I have reported it again. The cell service has not improved, and needs a more strategically placed tower to complete the reach consistently. I am not despondent however because we are talking, and I am looking for a suitable site in the area for a tower.
  2. I spoke with M.H. Juliet Holness and I am assured that she is aware and has a plan for her side; and Hon. Delroy Chuck is also aware. So as we say in Jamaica, it seems like “tings a gwaan” for Woodford; Cambridge; Maryland; Jackalyn; Freetown; Cottage; et al. No more cut up tyres soon.

The unfortunate data leak from Victoria Mutual Group is relevant at this time and I extend my commiserations to all my friends there at this difficult time. However, it allows a discussion to take place regarding total data security on personal computers, Government data; medical data; private sector data; banking data; social media; cellphones; and other personal data devices. This is a discussion that must take some national priority (even though we are distracted by politics at this time).

One basic factor that must take precedence in discussing the myriad implications that will affect us all is the question of whether we can design/implement/manage data systems to boost our own confidence levels. Books, stories, movies, and leaks, abound about the CIA; NASA; military intelligence (an oxymoron); MI5; rocket launch signals; and a long list from the so-called advanced “world powers” abound.

The programming of computers requires a logical evaluation of the sequences and coding required to execute the programme without leaving the possibilities for flaws or errors in logic. This is at the core of our problem as it seems that one basic tool called Flowcharting/logical sequencing is no longer taught in schools and tertiary institutions across faculties. This is extremely dangerous as the world’s data is naked and exposed through this flaw.

I must admit that processes and logical sequencing require due diligence and many of our IT and management staff are not willing to exercise that due care, and leave it to others to follow. That is a recipe for disaster as the failures are blamed on the IT and they are fired, even though an adequate request from management is not in evidence, and the programming efforts are less than efficient.

How many times have you seen data from an expensive enterprise system being manually transferred to a PC to be manipulated by a spreadsheet programme? Don’t you wonder how come a multi-million dollar system did not include that feature, or was requested to pre-modify/tailor the feature before installation?

It is a common feature of executives being unable to fully understand the sequence of their businesses, and the result is often to distract focus from the really critical parts of the business and important data points that drive their business. They are now open to resistance to a large number of employees who are resistant to change. This resistance impacts efficiency, and is the bane of Jamaica’s progress.

Many businesses fail to comprehend the areas that really impact their customers or revenues, and further, they remove dialogue from people to people to machine. Waiting times of 25 minutes cannot be acceptable to a customer who needs to report and resolve a real problem caused by your inefficiency, or store clerks (who have never been trained) speaking on their cellphone while you await. Total crap!

Let me illustrate another activity that must impact all of us, and that is the legal processes. Laws are drafted which intentionally or inadvertently leave loopholes and multiple places where guilty parties can escape being brought to justice. This runs from Noise Abatement to Road Traffic, and eventually to more serious crimes.

Road traffic and disorder on our streets cause mayhem and deaths on our roads every day. Logic should suggest that the failure to hold a driver’s licence; driving an uninsured or unlicensed vehicle; failure to obey a signal from the police; are not or should not be arguable in court. Therefore the argument of “eat a food” is not a valid excuse, and neither is illiteracy. This is not a “will” but a “shall”. Arrest them on the spot.

In the noise abatement issue, a street party or dances that have no permit “shall” be closed and fined. Businesses that put up unapproved posters; signs; or billboards “shall” be fined. Small beginnings cut down court time allowing for more serious matters to be considered.

But I fear the lawyers and drafters of law have not been taught flowcharting, so logic is not a part of the process, and regulations give birth to further obscurity. The only other reason I can think of is that they intentionally leave loopholes so they can “eat a food”; but I am inclined to hope it is the former inability rather than intent.

So logic and correct sequence affect all of us. From banking regulations to foreign exchange; from tendering to construction; from hospital reception to healing; from primary schools to successful careers; from elections to good governance; from corruption to honesty.

In a digital world, our very survival will depend on logic; protected information; patents and copyrights; and such economic contributors open to the plunder of hackers, foreign governments, competitors and others. Without logic and sequences we open our doors to the Huns, the Goths, and other invading tribes if we remain unable to protect ourselves.

Our universities must act immediately to stop this data erosion, errors, and naiveté.

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