Science fiction only remains fiction until science proves the facts in an irrefutable way. Over the centuries several religious beliefs; planetary data; the universe; the flat Earth; gravity; and many other scientific facts were reasons for charges of heresy and witchcraft. Many people lost their lives to capital punishment, including burning at the stake; crucifixion; beheading; or hanging. Nothing seems to have changed.

The situation aboard a cruise ship in Japan is a sad scenario which will someday make a huge blockbuster movie that will rival Virus; Outbreak; and other previous movies featuring viruses gone wild. Princess Cruises and other lines will surely suffer almost irreparable financial and reputational damage. This industry is part of a major contributor to Caribbean; Pacific; Australian; Far Eastern; Mediterranean; North and South American economies.

The new strain of the coronavirus seems to mystify easy definition. For example the definitive statements about the 12 days incubation period have now been upgraded to 24 days. Will it reach 60 days and effectively shut down the world’s economies? This is why we must have absolute truth and action in our small nation, and this does not seem to be the case.

It is public knowledge that labs devoted to biological weapons research are spread across the USA, Canada; the UK, Russia, Iran, and China, among others. This is mainly governments’ subsidies for military and other secret war research. Wuhan is one such location. There are also some rumours of spying and stealing of these hazardous materials, and even suspected outbreaks due to failed security systems. Please remember the rumours surrounding AIDS, Ebola, SARS; and now coronavirus, this strain not publicly known prior to the outbreak.

No military intelligence (oxymoron) agency has made any statement thus far, nor has anyone denied or accepted culpability for this outbreak. I guess that horrible experiments can no longer be pushed on the fallen Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler alone. However, I am certain that modern science can determine if a virus simply mutated, or was intentionally genetically modified by the introduction of other genetic characteristics.

China’s travel restrictions currently affect some 700-plus million people within their borders. The Chinese military have sent in hundreds of doctors to the epicentre in an effort to treat patients. America is evacuating its people fairly quickly, notably from the cruise ship in Japan. Other countries are doing the same, and the Jamaican Government must ask for assistance to do a similar rescue.

The piecemeal acknowledgement of the premises being used for separation of possible carriers must be fully transparent, along with the measures being taken to protect them and other citizens now that incubation is up to 24 days. Both sets deserve to be fully informed, along with the rest of the nation.

Food self-sufficiency must be part of the plan, even with the predicted drought conditions that have been forecasted. We did this in World war II and we may have to do so again if international trade and shipping are disrupted. To be forewarned should be an advantage. If by inadvertence or mishap that virus makes it way here, then be certain that political campaigning, dancehalls and clubs, churches; schools; movies, malls, and other public places will be closed (please observe China).

Pay attention, please, and assist in whatever way you can to avoid a very serious threat. The Government needs our help in return for the required honesty.

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