• Here’s what has really thrown the American media into a hissy fit

      They say time heals all wounds. They also say that people tend to romanticize things from the past. We see this everywhere. In Jamaica, we gripe about the good old days just before Independence when everything was ‘hunky-dory’. In the USA, they gripe and hark back to the glory days...
  • sunrise

    A life beyond Thunderdome

    “Out of the ruins; out from the wreckage; can’t make the same mistakes this time; We are the children, the last generation; we are the ones they left behind; And I wonder when we are ever gonna change; Living under the fear, till nothing else remains; We don’t need...
  • independence day

    Culture Interruptus

    The English language has been the adopted (forced) communication methodology of an enslaved people as Bob Marley said “stolen from Africa, brought to America”. Languages of the ancient Africans, not written but passed on by the words, and stories of the Griots, and storytellers, and repeated as legends about...

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