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    Law enforcement by referendum? Absolutely not!

    Some weeks ago I published an article here that attempted to clarify which type of violence we were experiencing. I disqualified war, civil war, and narrowed it down through analogy to closely resembling the Chicago crime gangs of the Roaring Twenties and coming forward, as typified as the struggle...
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    Don’t make the mistake of staying silent

    Happy First Year Anniversary to and I wish you further growth in the future. It has been a roller coaster for my 25 articles but it has been enjoyable. Some people who would like to write on topical issues and current events should take the opportunity of adding...
  • women in group of men

    The state of our democracy: why corruption is a ‘gendered’ issue! [Part I]

    Currently, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is trying to push through ‘The Integrity Commission Bill.’  As of July 21, 2017, it was headed to the House of Representatives for final review.  In the eyes of a diversity of civil society actors — feminist activists, human rights defenders, social justice...
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    What must new Police Commissioner George Quallo do?

    When the United States authorities in the coming months ask the Government of Jamaica to sign extradition papers for at least two Jamaican attorneys ripples will be sent throughout the legal fraternity in the island. The requests will also be another signal moment for law enforcement in Jamaica because...

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