The overwhelming majority of the poor people of the world live in countries outside of those classified as OECD member states. These poorer countries are comprised of approximately six billion members of our species, or more than 80 per cent of humanity.

The world economic and political system as it presently exists, one that is forcefully maintained by the laws of the global system and backed by the most powerful military machine that mankind has ever known, ensures that the disparity of economic and military might among nations remains in its present state of extreme and worsening inequality.

Maintaining this status quo is in the interest only of the wealthy and powerful individuals and nations of the world. It is carefully guarded and maintained by the combined forces of several global systems of control: international law, the international economic agencies, the global decision-making bodies, and the global media and propaganda tools that manufacture consent among the public. Most importantly, it is subtly maintained by control of the international and national policies that regulate and determine the movement of people across the national borders of the Hegemonic States – Their Immigration Policy.

These global systems that have been developed over many decades of manipulation, both covertly and overtly, both by subtle persuasion and by forceful coercion, have worked their magic to give rise to an unjust global system of governance that has become accepted by the world as right and fair. There has always been a remnant of a few critics however, and recently there has been an emergence of more than a few individuals (ridiculed as deluded conspiracy theorists) who see the system for what it truly is — one elegantly designed, and deviously, and deceptively construed to maintain a subtle but real hegemonic control by the wealthy and powerful minority over the weak and poor majority.

In the times of the Ancient Roman Empire such inequality in power and control among men was universally acknowledged and forcefully and overtly manifested and maintained. In the present age however, it is far more subtle, but it remains as real as it has ever been.

In my country of Jamaica, now classified as a middle-income country, there remains the consensus in the general population that the standard aim in life is to raise one’s children to strive for the ultimate achievement of obtaining the hallowed ‘green card’ status of US permanent residency and ultimately US citizenship.

This is the aspiration (whether declared openly or kept in secret) of almost every Jamaican irrespective of social class. There are few Jamaicans who would refuse a green card if offered one, and more than half of the population will actively seek and apply for this hallowed status. The other half do not apply because they either do not have the wherewithal to do so, or they feel it is too impossible a thing for them to ever achieve and so they don’t even try.

The history of the making of the present global hegemony held by the USA over the rest of the world is far from a noble one. After invading, then plundering and exploiting the indigenous population of the land that we now know as the United States of America, and ultimately committing genocide of a largely peace-loving native people, the usurpers of that land have established and now enforce a border, protected by military might and a criminal immigration policy. An immigration policy that selectively steals the best talent from the rest of the world with the purpose of maintaining superiority and world dominance: Hegemony.

One may argue that the individuals who migrate to the United States are not stolen by the USA, but that they chose to migrate there of their own free will. I beg to differ. The one who decides on the granting of a green card is not the applicant but the US Embassy/US Government. It is self-evident and a no-brainer, that virtually all the people in a poor deprived state would choose to migrate to the US, but only the few (usually the cream of the crop) are allowed by the US Embassy to do so. At least legally. So, I ask again: Who decides or chooses who gets to migrate to USA? The individual or the US Government? It is not the free choice of the individual. If it were, then the entire population of the poor and deprived country would all choose to migrate.

Now, having taken this most precious segment of a poor country’s population, (its best and brightest and most expensively trained and economically valuable segment, i.e. the cream of the crop of its human capital) by selectively granting it US citizenship, how much does the US pay the donor country for this most valuable resource that it has harvested from it? The answer is zero ($0).

When one deliberately takes another’s most precious and valuable resource, and pays nothing for it, what is that called? The dictionary calls it ‘theft’, ‘stealing’, or ‘robbery’.

Having stolen the land, massacred the native inhabitants, built a formidable infrastructure on the backs of slaves and immigrants, it now abuses the rest of the world by selectively stealing the cream of the human capital from virtually all other nations, and rejecting or deporting those who are judged to be not good enough or unwanted or criminal. This solitary superpower also determines the policies of international law, and international economics, through the puppet organizations that it created after the devastation of the second world war, namely the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

After setting up such an uneven playing field and stealing the best players from the other side to play on its team, it controls the referees and umpires of the game, and it also sets the rules of the game, making them skewed in its favour by its direct or indirect control over the policies of organizations such as the World Trade Organization.

Whenever a weaker country, realizing that the game is rigged against it, decides not to play by these unfair rules on this non-level playing field with these loaded dice, and biased referees, then such countries are labeled as rogue states’ and the formidable weapons controlled by the UN Security Council are unleashed against such ‘rogue states’.

This ongoing effective theft of the world’s best talent, which has been exacerbated in recent times, is the single most significant disservice to mankind in the present age and is the ultimate source of most of the suffering and strife across the globe. From ISIS, North Korea, Iran, terrorism, drug trafficking, and the Mediterranean migration crisis, to economic deprivation, crime and failed states. Indeed, it is the mother of all crimes’.

Especially affected are the poor and deprived, and the underprivileged nation states of the world. This unjust policy of the present superpower and hegemon, has led to poverty across many nations of the world. It has bled many parts of the world dry of talent and has left the weak and unfortunate people remaining in such countries/failed states to suffer behind a border that now imprisons them in misery.

This behemoth of a State we call the United States of America ironically considers itself to be exceptional. By exceptional it means exceptionally blessed, and many believe it to also mean, exceptionally good, exceptionally generous, and exceptionally superior to any country that has ever existed. The typical present-day American is afflicted with a hubris of considering him or herself as a more worthy, or more privileged, or more enlightened, or more important member of the human species. Many in the global community have come to be convinced by this deception. No wonder the whole world strives to achieve ‘green card status’.

This has led to an arrogance that has come to describe the quintessential American personality. It has led to an almost universal dislike of the ‘Typical American Personage’ and patronage across the globe. Indeed, contrary to the idea expressed by the founding fathers of the United States in the 1776 declaration of independence against a tyrannical British Rule, “all men are not created equal”. The noble idea stated so eloquently in that 1776 document that ‘all men are created equal’ seems to have outlived its validity, at least in the minds and practices of the current American lawmakers and leaders.

When a powerful hegemonic country establishes a system, by design, coercion, and policy, that produces a world order where it effectively steals the best talent from less wealthy nations, with the only consideration being its own self-interest, but with no concern for those whom it has robbed of their resources; when this injustice is perpetrated for many decades, to the point of leading to failed states across the world, and the consequences of much pain, suffering, and anguish of the poor innocent people left behind in such states; when it is unwilling to see that these consequences arise because of its continued abuse of the helpless, but stands behind deceitful fine-sounding political rhetoric; when it seeks to justify its actions by self-seeking politicians and twisted philosophical arguments connived by self-deceived over-paid ivory-towered professors who can no longer identify with human suffering; then I believe that those who are given the clarity of mind to see the grievous nature and scale of this injustice, if they remain silent and do not speak out against this international humanitarian crime, are as guilty of the injustice as those who perpetrate it.

Having thus been granted the clarity of mind and vision that has revealed the true nature of this humanitarian injustice of a powerful minority against the majority of humanity for such a sustained period, and having observed the unwillingness of the oppressors to acknowledge their guilt of oppression, I conclude that the continual sin of this abuse has either blinded the abuser, or the abuser has chosen personal prosperity as its highest goal, to the exclusion of any consideration of justice to its fellowmen.

It has therefore become my duty to speak out against this most grievous and ongoing crime against humanity. Indeed, if I do not speak out I will cease to be the person I have come to believe myself to be: a lover of truth, right action, and justice.

This, I propose, will be the verdict of any rational observer who examines the evidence and makes adjudication in the spirit of ex aequo et bono. (International law-Statutes of the ICJ-article 38(2)).

  Blake Wheeler USA Jersey

4 thoughts on “The international crime against humanity masquerading as US immigration policy

  1. Is there no one who is brave enough to “bell the cat” by giving endorsement to this article. Or are we all a set of cowardly whimps, afraid of the mighty USA.
    Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of this dark world in high places.

  2. As he said, “No one comes to the Father but by me, I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. Then he showed us the path by pouring out his life for the sake of truth and justice, redemption and reconciliation. You have to be willing to give all my friend, as our national heroes did, to follow him.

  3. Speak out for truth and justice, speak out for the widows and orphans, who have not voice. SPEAK OUT!!…….. before your voice is stilled.

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