doctorWe all have an inbuilt genetic code; not only is it chemical, it is also very complex.  Each gene has its own inbuilt code and its unique collection of chemicals, which can be influenced to either facilitate or block gene expression.  This code is part of your genetic make-up gifted to you from your parents; this is their unique input into the child creation process.

If modified, this code is capable of either blocking or facilitating the manifestation of disease. This course of action is referred to as epigenetics. However, gene expression is also influenced by diverse environmental factors such as:  

–     Chronic stress, which alters the balance of certain chemicals, which affects how each organ  behaves;

–     Harmful chemicals in the air, water, soil, plants and also in the food we consume;

–     Radiation, which you get from X-rays or CT scans.

Once these external influences are eliminated, the genes behave normally.

Therefore, by adhering to the following guidelines, you can monitor your health:

  1. Recognize stress and influence it positively. It is also important to begin this process early so as to prevent acute stress from becoming chronic.  The chemical changes, which reflect the changes from acute to chronic stress, have an extremely dramatic impact on the body.
  2. Avoid toxins and do not expose your body to them as they change gene expression.

Hence, it is important to watch what you eat and to monitor the air and water you ingest as well as your exposure to chemicals that our bodies were not designed to process.

Unless we can protect the code, we will observe or experience abnormal gene expression. 

Recently, I worked closely with a patient who had been very healthy for many years, but who now presented with sarcoidosis of the lung, hypertension, diabetes. In discussing the health challenge with the patient in an attempt to determine his lifestyle patterns and the possible cause(s) behind the onset of these diseases, the patient revealed that he had had a negative divorce experience ten years earlier. Could there be a link between these two major crises? Could a life challenge that fostered negative emotions create the embryo for another life challenge that would manifest itself in the physical body? The responses to these questions provide the subject matter for interesting and meaningful debates about curative medicine, lifestyle choices and emotional well-being?

It is worth your while to ponder on these questions. Nevertheless, these diseases can all be reversed, if caught early, and if keen attention is paid to the change in chemicals that have caused the diseases. Drugs alone will not reverse the disease; they will simply cause more complications.

We have a brain that facilitates thought, mental activity, consciousness and the expression of emotions. Monitor these faculties and abilities carefully as using them can produce both positive and negative consequences.  This process also impacts gene expression as you literally become what you think. 

It is also important to be aware of your family history. Genetic testing can now tell you what is stored in your genes. But the information revealed can expose you to new levels of stress and anxiety as you await the manifestation of the disease destined to be yours by dint of your family heritage and medical history.

 There are tests that can detect cancer and a wide variety of diseases. They can tell if the disease is already present. However, good medical care should teach patients about prevention. Yet, scant attention is paid to preventative care in medical school, and even less in professional medical practice.

 Many diseases are reversible; the magical cure is not in a pill. Healthy lifestyle practices require your discipline to attention. But it is possible. Your body is your machine. Treat it as you would an extremely precious and expensive car. Proper maintenance! High quality fuel and oil! In other words, simply give it the love it deserves. 

 So, when a patient seeks advice because “breast cancer is in their family”, how can you guide them? Is it possible for them to prevent the onset of the disease? Do they need to spend a small fortune on tests and supplements or is there another way?

There is! And it’s not found in so-called alternative medicine either, as that just means more pills, detoxes, and supplements. 

Your lifestyle is the answer and the cure. Darron Lee Jersey

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  1. Dr. Jan! An extremely important and insightful article, containin many important truths and insights. Many thanks for your wise counsel.

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