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A just concluded UN Report has expressed concerns about the United States’ “seemingly reckless abandonment of multilateralism – representing the alliance partnership developed after the 2nd World War – for a defiant unilateralism”, which it says has likened the US to “a deserted country.”

The Report, authored by two leading experts from Russia and China, was hurriedly commissioned in the aftermath of the US Vice Presidential debate when a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head, proving to be both sensational and symbolic, and causing jitters around stock markets across the globe.

While acknowledging that there is a role and function for the gadfly in contemporary American politics to ‘sting the steed’ of the Trump Administration, “the allegorical interpretation of the fly in a self-isolated country has only exacerbated concerns over the individualism of the present US foreign policy in defiance of the groupthink of NATO, the Paris Accord, the UN itself and other international bodies, which had been strengthened during the Obama Administration”, the report said.  It noted that as the most powerful country on earth, “the rest of the world cannot ignore the symbols, utterances and behaviour of the US President and key officials, and must carefully assess their rational and emotional reactions to global issues like the coronavirus pandemic.”

The report referenced interviews from several renown art historians and concluded that “the association of flies in the history of art in western civilization has come to symbolise death, rot, decay, corruption and deception”. It took particular note of the presence of the fly on the Vice President’s head “at the moment that he was expressing the Trump Administration’s support for law enforcement in the face of the senseless killings of scores of black people across the country by law enforcement, and the clear evidence of systemic racism underpinning the US judicial system.”

However, in its conclusion, the UN report expressed optimism that the negative symbolic meaning of flies in the history of the art would not be applicable to the Vice President because of his love for and support of art therapist.

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