Your life should always be geared towards entering. It should matter not to the actor in the overall grand scheme of things when one enters… for there are constant comings, and goings throughout the eons of man’s existence. There are no re-runs, and one should never, ever entertain the mistaken impression that one can, or even should, tarry needlessly at the door.

The writer, producer and director is the chairman of this omnipotent production, and all actors enter, and leave the stage of life, at His behest. You will never meet Him, but He has your dossier, which you keep current by your own thoughts and deeds.

What is important to note is that you cannot be left outside, even if you feel within oneself you had not signed up to be a star, or even an extra. The marquee of life does not have to display your name to prove you are indeed a part of the unfolding play. For to the chairman of the omnipotent production, all are integral elements, and none are thrown in at the last moment to engender colour or gratuitous laughter. The door is there, and many are those who walk by, drive by, or in their haste fly by without noticing the object of their desire, whatever they may deem it to be, for the chairman of the omnipotent production is merciful and generous, tailoring your desire to meet your capacity in the script.

One need not contend oneself unduly with the behind the scenes aparachex, for the production crew were chosen by the chairman for their skill, dedication and Love for the ultimate achievement of the production. And they have demonstrated in every scene that has unfolded to date, that they are willing to give their all for the benefit of the actors, and the firm commitment they have for the chairman.

Some knock, but never enter, yet are still required to take the post-participant’s examination. Others never knock, yet will find by the end of the play, that is, the part they play, they were still participants in the dramatic epic production of: “Life’s Dilemma.” Some enter, but unfortunately, squeezed by the door, and its jam, become fearful of the unknown and withdraw. But as noted before, they are still an integral part of the play.

Then there are those who open the door wide, and enter with the heart of a pioneer, knowing that regardless of what lies ahead they will survive. For they were the ones who took the time, and made the effort to be intimately aware of the script written in the Book of Life.

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