Well here we are with the mixed bag update:

  1. The CAC letter to Flow seems to have worked partially. Technicians came to remedy the home phone and it is working reasonably thus far. The Mobile service remains unacceptable and the system seems to have a major transmission/reception fault. None the less, I am thankful.
  2. Scotiabank called as previously reported. However the smooth operation of the machines is not yet satisfactory and still needs to be addressed. ?Comprende
  3. I called the M.H. Juliet Holness and left a message, and also Hon. Delroy Chuck. I offered to ask the citizens of Woodford, Maryland, Cottage, Cambridge, Jackalyn, and Freetown, including bus and taxi operators to assist with labour for patching dangerous sections of the road if they could provide some sand and cement, or asphalt. I have heard from Mr. Chuck, and I am still awaiting a return call from Mrs. Holness; and the NWA (who I called). When citizens are willing to protect their roads; their children who commute to schools; their area schools; and their fellow citizens; then I believe that the Government should give support to the civic engagements of those people.

Wednesday February 5, 2020 was a tremendous unplanned “buck-up” day that offers a great potential synergy. Ralston Hyman spoke to Gloria Henry, and Yoni Epstein, who have both been outstanding spokespersons of the BPO industry. Their perspective of future direction was very clear, and the vision of moving up to the more lucrative segments (some just emerging and developing) which will have a better profitability and sustainability than call centres was refreshing.

 Their mission is to commit to advancing services even in areas that have not been fully defined as yet. It is an admirable decision to accept that great scientific progress (as yet unseen) can be embraced based on the adoption of technologies yet to developed. Congratulations.

On the same day, the Mona School of Business and Management held a Public Forum entitled “5G: For better or worse”. The coincidence is very uncanny as 5G presents a large step forward in communication technology that will facilitate new applications for added value at faster speeds. But speed is of no value unless the applications are durable; innovative; and offer opportunities to the greatly expanded value propositions.

In addition to the 5G roll-out by Huawei in China, there was the noticeably super-high advertising dollars spent on those same services by Verizon in the USA during The NFL Super Bowl. It was really a technology kickoff, or a trade dominance war.

My concerns are at the very core of the interface of the Industry, and the scientific developments that can be owned and licensed through copyright. If we are to provide services in the future then we must accept that improved technology makes location almost irrelevant. The only deterrent will be language (for customer sensitivity); slow advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI); implementation of current and future technologies; and education’s role in inspiring, operating, and inventing better solutions.

So this makes the convergence of Information Technology and Industry vital and essential. We need to own the source codes and algorithms that define the usage of branded technology (like Apple; Microsoft; Google; and even Facebook and similar social media). We can no longer accept using apps that are designed and owned by others.

Making Mickey Mouse dance and other similar cartoons started with hand graphics, and have been on screens for over 70 years. So our usage of the faster graphics apps is not due in any way to Jamaican inventiveness. We own nothing, and any great interface with A.I. will make today’s usage obsolete.  

Therefore nothing less than total mindset transformations should be our education goals immediately. The fact that we have few teachers who can stimulate transformation cannot stifle progress. Upgrading through intensive training will take a long time but should not be discarded. However, STEM; STEAM; invention; imagination; expression; group learning; and other non-traditional progressive techniques ; must become an immediate action point in infant schools through to and including tertiary and post-tertiary education even if we have to import teachers.

The purely coincidental juxtaposition of industry and education leaves a space for discussion, experiment, and action, to take place immediately. It is a space and opportunity for radical paradigm shifts; disruption; and a chance to take control of our opportunities without having to migrate.

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