America is having a serious governing crisis. The problem is, too many of its leaders appear beyond their level of competence but are still determined to hold on power.

According to Wikipedia, the latest age distribution in that country is as follows:

0 – 14 years: 18.2%

15 – 24 years: 13.0%

25 – 54 years: 39.0%

55 – 64 years: 12.9%

65 years and over: 16.8%.

In other words, while the 65s and older in that country make up less than 20% of the population, it is that category that is making most of the decisions!

So, who is representing the majority in that country when what you most often see in Washington is a lot of shaky old people dominating the decision-making process?

I suppose that is what spurred presidential hopeful Nikki Haley to call for term limits and quip that ‘the Senate is the most privileged nursing home in the nation.’ Newsweek put it more subtly, for according to them ‘the 118th United States Congress is older than any in history.’

The episode with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (who is 81) freezing up twice in a month, has opened the eyes of most voters to the problem.

Of course, having Dianne Fienstein (over 90) being pushed around in a wheelchair and clearly being so out of it that she has had to grant power of attorney to someone else, hasn’t helped matters.

Biden stumbling around mentally and physically as he deteriorates daily before our eyes is the scariest omen though. Especially since he is determined to hang on to power despite polls showing that 69% of his own Democratic party members say he is too old to run again.

Having Kamala Harris as next in line has not helped either for her approval rating is in the gutter at 29% according to the Los Angeles Times. Hunter Biden is not helping anything either!

 Biden is being extremely selfish as his determination to try and get a second term is just going to give the Republicans a big win.

Yes, he beat Trump and is opining that he can do it again. But despite four criminal indictments against him, Trump is currently leading him in the polls.

Not among Republicans, but among Independents, according to an AP poll published in early September.

I will never be able to understand Americans, for as crazy as it seemed to the rest of the world, despite his reputation of being a one-man crime syndicate due his stealing funds from his foundation, scamming people who went to his university, not paying small contractors who worked on his construction projects and being a self-confessed sexual predator etc. more than 70 million Americans voted for Trump in 2020. 

And he keeps soaring in the polls despite four criminal indictments.

On the other hand, very few Democrats are enthusiastic about Biden. That is sure sign that there will be a low turnout among Democrats. Not to mention how the public squabbles among leaders in solid democratic cities like New York and Chicago are playing out!

These are due to the economic pressures being put on such cities because of Biden’s failed immigration policies.

As president, Biden has done a reasonably good job but he needs to accept that he is just too old to be seeking a second term.

Further the Bidenomics which he touts only leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths when they go to the supermarket and gas station! Look at the latest CNN poll too, ‘70% think things are going badly in the country!’

Biden needs to step down early to give someone young, capable and vibrant a chance to emerge in time to build a movement and raise funds for the 2024 election.

For as long as he insists that he is running again, no one in his party is willing to challenge him. So, the longer he hangs on to power, the more he digs a deep grave for the Democrats.

Even if his favourite opponent, Trump, does not make it to the elections, any energetic empty barrel in the Republican party can probably trounce him, for he comes across as old, out of it and wobbly.

Even beside Mike Pence!

Give the democrats a chance Mr. Biden, don’t let selfishness wipe out all the good you have achieved.

Lots of Dems are asking me, “If not Biden, who?” How many of you ever heard of someone named Barak Obama before he challenged Hilary?

Nuff said.

The world is watching nervously, for what happens in the USA affects the entire planet. 

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