Without courage all other virtues lose their meaning.” 

Sir Winston Churchill  

 There was an unexpected scandal in the Senate last night.  

The scandal was not that the Government did not get the support of the loyal Opposition for the extension of the states of emergency. That was expected, as both the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate had signalled that this course of action was going to take place.  

Lofty, sometimes even pious speeches were made by the senators on the Opposition benches. That was expected. The unexpected was that when the time came for the vote to be taken, four of the senators from the Opposition benches who were previously present during the sitting of the Senate were absent. They did not vote.  They spoke and then absented themselves. How do these senators expect us to take them seriously again? 

Peter Bunting, Damian Crawford and Floyd Morris at least have the courage of their conviction. 


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