Woman born with instinct, tender love and care
Lately it seems they’re going extinct
Domestic violence on the rampage
A pure kick and box down
No time fi fun.
Caan walk pon di street
Yu body is like a showpiece
“Hey sexy my size mi wan da body u know”
Hold your head high
Walk with pride
Jugguling pan di corner
Mi throw mi partner make some contributions
A mi old age pension that.
Trampled by discrimination
Like a tigress on the hunt leap for
Enhancement empowerment and independence
Rise to the occasion with the rights in yu han.
No matter your color, race or status
Rise above the negatives, excel-we-must!
Women have made strides in this great country
Breaking barriers and exceeding boundaries.
Women are Cosmetologists, Hairstylists
Architects, Engineers, Chemists, Doctors,
Lawyers, Judges, Prime Minister
Think about your future, start planning now,
Powerful women have faced discrimination and abuse of some
kind, but they conquered and so can you.

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