• globalism

    The continuing saga of a world in chaos

    For the past three weeks I have been assisting a colleague with the delivery of a course in Negotiation, (which really could be called Negotiation and Influence). One of the realities is that the two aspects (Negotiation and Influence) are normal functions that we engage in everyday, sometimes in...
  • Flag

    Stand with Venezuela or be torn apart alone

    Venezuela is in flames, with almost daily protests both for and against the government, severe food shortages and an economy in free fall.  We see a once proud and strong nation now on its knees. We see where a democratically elected president is being called a dictator (with one...
  • Wow Venezuela, wow!

    I am a leftist. Anyone who speaks politics or talks policies with me will attest to the fact that I am between a tree-hugging hippie at times, to a dyed in the wool hardcore Marxist. I believe in equality and I can understand and can even accept the need...

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