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    In the Gleaner of Friday 17 August 2018, the following was reported on a speech given by the Minister of Education Senator The Hon. Ruel Reid; Education Minister Ruel Reid has made it clear that he would be making a strident push to shake up the educational system that...
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    Sad step back to the stupidity of a time long passed

    The recent unfortunate melee in our Parliament reminded me that rhetoric and civility are necessary parts of a thriving and evolving democracy. Jamaica has made the claims of having a stable democracy as a basis for many areas of international qualification for grants and loans. We have been proud...
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    The more politicians promise change, the more things remain the same

    Change is a word that is always on politicians’ lips. Change is something that most if not all politicians promise and it is so not just because politicians enjoy hearing themselves speak or are stuck in a loop, it is because most times a serious change is visibly needed for...
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    In honour of the bicentenary of the birth of Bahá’U’lláh

    A fact of history can only be truly understood if one understands the context within which the fact occurred. Thus, neither the Maroon Treaty of 1739 nor the introduction of Crown Colony Government in Jamaica in 1866 can be fully understood without an appreciation of the context within which...
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    Regional integration could mean moving to Guyana and Suriname

    CARICOM, as is, is dead. It is going nowhere fast. What with all the animosity, regional tension, economic tension and social tensions, CARICOM as it relates to harmonising and developing relationships throughout the region, is dead. The sad reality is that in spite of our common history and shared...
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    Climate change, gender and persons with disabilities in small island developing states

    (This article was originally published by Indi McLymont-Lafayette and Petre Williams- Raynor in a booklet produced by FES Panos Caribbean )   Climate change is perhaps the single most devastating challenge facing small-island developing states (SIDS), among which Jamaica and the other islands of the Caribbean are counted. Among...
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    The endless opportunities of community tourism

    Jamaica has been branded the home of community tourism by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) since this is where it was pioneered by Diana McIntyre-Pike and Desmond Henry over 40 years ago.  Since then, the Countrystyle Community Tourism Network has developed a programme called Villages as...
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    About face: Violence and power in today’s Jamaica

    “Face” is a significant topic in the study of human social interaction. The notion of “dissing and being dissed” is the local counterpart of the negative aspect of that concept. Face is very highly developed in the Jamaican psyche. The only offence more serious than dissing someone is dissing...
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    Politics and the bureaucracy

    All of us have some knowledge of what politics is because of either our observation of it and/or our participation in it.  Some of us have knowledge of the bureaucracy and invariably, a negative view of it as something that impedes and/or delays accomplishment of policy objectives.  In brief,...

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