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    The building is on fire, but everyone, including HR, is in a meeting!

     The concept of growth in an advanced heavy industrial production based society in the new millennium has a pronounced leaning towards high-speed automatic machines and robotics. In those societies, even the concept of distribution embraces automation, and in shipping, the discipline of mechatronics has enabled the mega-carriers of cargo...
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    Artificial Intelligence and the Laws of Robotics

    In a recent discussion I was struck by how much, regardless of the differences in the source of our information, many of us across the generations are concerned about the not-enough-discussed rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the implications for all facets of human existence. As a child...
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    What of Jamaica’s future and its cancer of corruption?

    Jamaica must give serious consideration to what lies ahead should the Government and the country’s lawmakers fail to decisively and aggressively confront its corruption problem. Corruption in Jamaica is ‘entrenched and widespread’ Only a few days ago, the United States Department of State, in its March 2017 annual International Narcotics...

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