It would appear that the universe, in all its diversity is providing us with a wakeup call – one that offers the choice to embrace a higher level of unity or one that will seal our fate. The choice is ours.

The intransigent human race is currently confronted with its individualistic positions on unity on virtually every level – race, gender, nature, justice, governance, religion, science, language, education, economics. Let us for a moment put all these factors aside, factors that are, in accordance with and depending on our actions, either expressive of the desire for unity or are symptoms of a common disease. Let us take stock and focus for a moment on the universe, of which we are a very VERY small – though significant – part. When we look either at the universe or at the world of sub-atomic matter, we find that it is composed of infinitely varying elements which, in itself, is pretty amazing. But diversity of elements is not nearly as significant as the fact that all these elements exist in a multiplicity of continually expanding and diversifying systems and sub-systems and sub-sub-sub-systems, all of which interact in a seamless arrangement of movement and attraction. However we want to look at it and regardless of whatever theory of existence we might find plausible, the practical reality is that infinitely diverse elements of matter do not and cannot co-exist without being mutually destructive unless there is a unifying factor – one that is intelligent and creative. We can call this factor by any name we wish, or even by multiple names, but the evidence of the astounding unity of the universe confirms that a master form of intelligence must exist. No part or group of parts can be possessed of a quality of which the whole is deprived.

Addressing the nature of a process of creation that has neither beginning nor end, the Baha’i writings state that “…. every primordial atom of these atoms, singly and indivisible, has its coursings throughout all the sentient creation, going constantly into the aggregation of the various elements. Hence do you have the conservation of energy and the infinity of phenomena, the indestructibility of phenomena, changeless and immutable, because life cannot suffer annihilation but only change.” There are those who would see this quote as evidence of the randomness of existence and on a certain level this may appear true. But if it were true of the totality of the functioning of this remarkable universe, then it would deny the existence of order and intelligence, significant factors that serve to hold the infinitude of elements in the universe in a continuously unfolding, supremely beautiful, and intelligently conceived process. Referring back to the above noted quote, may I draw the reader’s attention to the last sentence. Implicit in this description is the fact that the parts will always be ordered to support the whole and deviations will be cast back into the aggregation to be reconceived in new forms. That we humans are possessed of intelligence, presupposes that we are also provided with the capacity to choose our course of action, one that will either celebrate or deny the unity of existence.

Yet, despite all logic, and contrary to the abundance of evidence informing every moment and aspect of our existence, we humans behave as if we were all centers of our own individualistic universes. We behave as puzzle pieces, each raptly gazing into its own mirror, ignorant of the fact that the value of the pieces is solely conditional on whether or not they choose to be united in a single picture. Separately they are of no value and, in fact, are detrimental to any and all of the systems that comprise physical reality. United, they are the glorious reflection of that intelligence that can only be aware, not only of the unity of all things, but of the beauty of itself. Unlike the rest of physical reality, we have the distinct privilege of playing the role of witness to the miraculous reality of all things and to be able to learn from it. Should we choose to ignore this capacity, rest assured, the greater system will ensure that it is not harmed – though we humans may not find the result supportive of our flights of fancy.

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