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  • doctor

    Prevent and recognize disease: alter its course

    We all have an inbuilt genetic code; not only is it chemical, it is also very complex.  Each gene has its own inbuilt code and its unique collection of chemicals, which can be influenced to either facilitate or block gene expression.  This code is part of your genetic make-up gifted to...
  • holding hands

    About face: Violence and power in today’s Jamaica

    “Face” is a significant topic in the study of human social interaction. The notion of “dissing and being dissed” is the local counterpart of the negative aspect of that concept. Face is very highly developed in the Jamaican psyche. The only offence more serious than dissing someone is dissing...
  • father

    Calling Men

    I listened with awe the other day, to a phone-in program on a popular radio station that asked the question, “who is to blame for the indiscipline in schools? Mom? Dad? or Miss?” My heart sank as I processed the issue. Then came the realization that I know what...
  • woman

    Greeting to Women

     Woman born with instinct, tender love and care Lately it seems they’re going extinct Domestic violence on the rampage A pure kick and box down No time fi fun. Caan walk pon di street Yu body is like a showpiece “Hey sexy my size mi wan da body u...
  • maxresdefault

    Dancehall and carnival — vulgar displays of licentiousness

    We are again approaching the end of another soca/dancehall carnival season. Every day now we are being bombarded from our television screens and newspapers with scenes from the carnival blowouts, bang-ins and interviews with people shamelessly trying to make a national hero of Byron Lee for his part in...
  • slave

    Black lives and retroactive wages matter

      Economists across the ideological divide are at least at one when it comes to the economic value of goods or services that is derived from the contribution of labour. Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, argued that while the price of a commodity would, among other things, be...

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