As I have said elsewhere I ALSO say here; there is ZERO excuse for an adult to threaten a child; ZERO!!!!!!!!!! Albeit, I am not an educator, I work with schools in different capacities, and so BELIEVE me when I tell you that I KNOW how DIFFICULT students can be and ARE!!!! However, at the end of ANY day, this teacher at Pembroke Hall High School IS the adult, and she KEPT escalating her threats.

We ALL have choices; EVERY second of EVERY day, and as such, she could have stopped, or walked away to calm herself down, and while I DO empathize with the struggling teachers, I ALSO empathize with the STRUGGLING students, as they, TOO, are going through a LOT. 

We see the symptoms of their behaviours caused by MANY things happening to and with them and we call them “bad” etc. but after seeing the video AND hearing the subsequent voice note, there is NOTHING and NO one ANYWHERE that can get me to even SLIGHTLY find justification in this type of behaviour from ANY adult, much less an educator, towards a child, and also IN FRONT of other children, it is WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG; P.E.R.I.OD!!!!.

That said however, I go back to something I said before, that I KNOW the struggles that teachers have, and the lack of support and resources, so YUP, I SO hope that they get the MUCH-NEEDED support sooner rather than later.

However, in the interim, the SAME way I will NEVER agree with, or justify ANYTHING a man does to a woman to harm her, REGARDLESS of HIS struggles and HIS background, I REFUSE to ever justify and try to explain away, SUCH blatant, wrong, behaviour from this teacher!! I hope that because of this, that all involved WILL seek and receive the help they need, because it nuh pretty, niyah!!!!

I REFUSE to share around the video of the teacher to FURTHER add to her embarrassment and distress, but I do hope that ALL teachers get the help they NEED to traverse this NEW space of behaviour, learning, social media, lashing out, etc, from where our children are operating, because it sticky-sticky out deh, Iyah!

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