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    Buying and selling of children to win is wrong

    In the 1950s while a student at The Mico Practising School, a female student asked the teacher during a history class when we were learning about slavery, “Why did Africans sell fellow Africans to the slave traders?” The teacher paused and said that in the beginning of the slave...
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    Winning at all costs has trumped principle

    Once upon a time, when piggy was a swine, people participated in sports for fun, recreation and exercise. Sports has now evolved into big business where the rewards for success are so enormous that the emphasis on winning is what now dominates this pastime. Sports now has morphed into...
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    Is this what sports have become?

    In sports, there are rules. The rules are designed to make the event as fair as possible to ALL the participants. The introduction of discretion gives power to a named official to decide or act without other control than one’s own judgment. In the greatest show on Earth, the...
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    Cricket, lovely cricket; sigh!

    Deep down, every West Indian cricket fan wants their team to win, no matter how we rant and rave whenever we see “foolish non-thinking” cricket being played. Since the halcyon days when our team ruled the world, every glimpse of quality by a West Indian batsman or bowler is...

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