Danny Roberts

  • slave

    Emancipendence hasn’t made us ‘free indeed’

    There is, on the face of it, seemingly no parallel, no connection or relation between the happenings in Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States last month, and the celebration of Jamaica’s Emancipation from slavery, and Independence from British Colonial rule two weeks earlier. They would, by any stretch of...
  • transport centre

    (Dis)Respect and the (in)discipline of survival

    Dr Peter Phillips’ now famous quote that ‘the man who plays by the rules is the man that gets shafted’, came home to me most forcibly  about two weeks ago after witnessing an incident involving an illegal taxi operator and the police in Half-Way-Tree, near the Transport Centre. The...
  • slave

    Black lives and retroactive wages matter

      Economists across the ideological divide are at least at one when it comes to the economic value of goods or services that is derived from the contribution of labour. Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, argued that while the price of a commodity would, among other things, be...

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