Is it because the USA has such powerful weapons why so may of its citizens behave as if they are entitled?

This pervasive air of entitlement is constantly being massaged by the media too!

I am amazed by some recent pronouncements about how to deal with their latest drug of choice — Fentanyl. 

Yes, I get it, fentanyl overdose kills around 100,000 Americans each year.

But who is it that force feeds drugs to the American people?

I recallwith great resentment the terrible days in my little island of Jamaica, when DEA agents would arrive in their planes and spray ganja (marijuana) fields, destroying farmers’ vegetable and other crops in the process.

For decades some people in Jamaica had been enjoying their ganja and it never killed anyone. 

Then the Americans discovered it and it became a problem FOR JAMAICA!

 Now, all over the world, the harmlessness of ganja is being recognized and its use is even being legitimized in state after state in the USA.

Then they took on the Colombians.

Colombian peasants had been chewing their cocoa leaves for decades, then someone discovered that it could be chemically altered to give young people a high.

Americans immediately took to it and suddenly it became an international problem and they were all over Colombia spraying deadly herbicides.

Now, the powerful USA is contemplating multiple bills to designate Mexican cartels as “foreign terrorist organizations” in order to broaden the actions that can be used against them.”

That sounds ominous and naturally, President Lopez Obrador is not amused!

(Incidentally, Mexico is the USA’s most important trading partner.)

Look at this crazy Bill introduced by Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, which would give authorization for the use of military force against Mexican cartels, similar to those approved for Iraq and Afghanistan!

 Are these people crazy.

They must be, for if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, you must be!

When is the USA going to recognize that it is the Americanpeople’s insatiable demand for mind-altering drugswhich is the problem, so it needs to deal with that, instead of using its powerful military, DEA, etc to terrorize militarily weaker nations?

As a matter of fact, other nations, including China and Russia, have superior weapons, but you don’t see them threatening others because of problems they have at home with their citizens’ crazy desires!

Yes, they flex their muscles for territorial reasons and most people are appalled at these actions. So, when they do, the USA and the rest of the world usually join in the condemnation.

However, the USA sees nothing wrong when it flexes its well-armed muscles because of itsown idiosyncrasies.

The insatiable demand for mind-altering drugs is a unique American problem as is this entitlement they hold so dear.

American politicians and media need to recognize this and stop driving the public into a frenzy on the basis that other nations are supposed to solve their problems.

With its overabundance of serial killers, mass murderers and generation after generation of young people always wanting to have some new mind-altering drug, the USA is clearly a very dysfunctional society.

However, the age of entitlement is over.

The country needs to deal with its internal shortcomings rather than continuing to terrorize its poorly armed neighbours for the things its citizens crave.

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