This Gleaner story of January 18, 2024, under the headline; “Football dream fading, Second denial of US visa puts Munro graduate’s scholarship goal in jeopardy,” only caught my attention because it involved my ‘brother’ school.”

I am surprised how little comment this story has elicited though, since it depicts so vividly, the popular experience which bureaucracies can cause, summed up thus, “He/she who plays by the rules get, shafted.”

According to the report, The dream of 20-year-old Munro College graduate Oral Thompson to pursue football internationally appears to be fading after his efforts to pick up a university scholarship in the United States were halted with his second denial of a student visa four months apart. Thompson, who has been offered a partial scholarship to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio, has until the second week in March to settle and begin classes at the private institution in Lima, Ohio.

Most of us appreciate that America is a country of immigrants, (the only non-immigrants being the Native Americans) so most residents there are not intolerant of others trying to gain better opportunities by traveling to that country.

However, the Republican Party tends to be outrightly anti-immigrant and their current leader never fails to denigrate us, to the point of saying immigrants contaminate their blood.

On the other hand, the current policy being pursued by the Democratic Party is one that encourages chaos and illegality.

Over the years, I have heard tragic stories about families being torn apart for years and sometimes even decades, because of the difficulty, the exasperating legal process and the long time it takes to obtain legal visas, whether to migrate or even just visit.

I am sure this tiresome experience has not just frustrated Jamaicans over the decades, but indeed people from all over the world, who are trying to get to the USA.

Now, under the present Biden administration however, all you must be able to do is learn to climb a wall or squeeze through barbed wire, to enter the USA.

Do not waste your time trying to enter through the legal process, as young Thompson is now learning!

To make it even better for those who favor illegality over going through legal processes, they can get numerous benefits that not even those who were born there are able to!

For example, California is giving the law-breakers free health care, while thousands of those persons born in the USA or who migrated there legally but do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, get left without health coverage, if they cannot afford a policy through Obama Care.

Recently too, children in New York were deprived of in-person education, because their classrooms were given to illegal immigrants. In cities like NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago etc. while citizens are homeless because they cannot afford the rent, illegals can get free accommodation!

Because it is now a free for all too, terrorists, criminals and smugglers can enter without problem,  while aspirants who play by the rules, can’t.

No wonder Biden is seeing a massive fall-off in support from most categories of his voters in poll after poll, for most people are law-abiding and prefer due-process to a policy that victimizes the law-abiding people while rewarding lawbreakers!

Biden’s immigration policy will go a far way in encouraging voters to turn away from the Democrats in the upcoming elections.  

His policies can only benefit Trump and his Maga supporters.

For no reasonable person supports policies that victimize honest people while rewarding law breakers.

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