Is it possible to get customer service anywhere which is worse than what the National Commercial Bank (NCB) offers?

I hardly think that is possible!

Can you believe that it apparently does not service its ATMs and clearly doesn’t give a damn that some people may not be able to afford the fare to travel from point to point to find one that works!

Recently the newspaper carried an article about the major shareholder, billionaire Michael Lee-Chin, shaking up management because no dividends had been paid for three years.

Does he care equally about the poor or crippled who have to travel from point to point to find one of the bank’s machines that work?

Thank heavens I am not one of NCB’s customers.

My frustration with this bank stems from the fact that apparently, it has a monopoly on regional ATMs but does not take that monopoly seriously.

I am staying in the Duncan’s area in Trelawny where they have an NCB machine at the supermarket.  But last week all I could get was a message that it had no money.  So I went to the next one that is close to Glistening Wates by the Old Road leading into Falmouth.

Same crap, so I had to wait until we were heading to Ocho Rios to get a machine operated by Sagicor Bank that works.

And today same crap at the same two machines in Trelawny.

This time we had to head to BNS in Falmouth where they have four working machines outside the branch.

My information is that the NCB branch has three machines outside its Falmouth branch and most times they are also down!  Also, there is only one human teller to serve the needs of its customers!

Does this sound like an organization that cares about the poor who have no private transportation and must depend on route taxis or other public transportation to get access to their own money?


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