I am passionate about one thing: the oneness of humanity, the existence of one human family. I know that denial of this leads to war, devastation and tragedy all over the world. I see it in the historic events that are reported daily.

From the depths of war that results in crushed homes, resounding death and demolition of entire countries, I see destruction in our world. From crises formed by natural disasters, I have observed the unrelenting demolition of lives and property. From killing sprees of terrorist organizations and mass shooters, I witness the result of hate that permeates communities around the globe. The dissolution of the human family is tearing us apart and destroying our world. Crime and the prevalence of mind-numbing drugs is so prevalent I fear we are losing all sense of safety and security. I know that I am not alone. No one is unaffected.

I see a world so focused on materialism and ego that it is in danger of losing the very essence of life, the ability to find joy and happiness. The race to find bigger and better possessions defeats common sense at every turn. There is no happiness in bigger and better that outweighs the benefits we will experience when we all come together and unite for a peaceful existence. Our personal and collective health is dependent on sharing the resources that our Earth has so willingly given us.

I am committed to promoting our connectedness, to building strong, resilient communities and a world society that recognizes that people are dependent on each other. The solution means that I work toward releasing my prejudices so I recognize the strengths and potentials of others. I look for the possibilities I find when I join with others. I know our differences make us stronger when we unite our individual strengths. I know that it is important to listen deeply so that I can understand how differences can make joint efforts more meaningful. I work to make a peaceful environment that welcomes everyone and values our differences.

We are all in this together. “The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”

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