doctorWhat is chronic inflammation ?

Inflammation is a normal process used by the body in healing. When it is not switched off, the chemicals used in the healing process, become toxic, and cause illness.

Viruses are well known to trigger this process, as are the foods we eat, and chronic stress
Chronic stress, is the big killer, and the most difficult to control. This also influences the immune system, which reduces our ability to fight infection.

Foods that are inflammatory, and influence the generation of chronic inflammation in the body.

Diseases that are triggered by chronic inflammation include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dementia, auto immune diseases, cancers, to name just a few.
Foods that are inflammatory, and influence the generation of chronic inflammation in the body  include sugar, wheat, processed foods, foods with added chemicals to give flavour and prolong shelf life.

Beneficial foods
Plant-based diets that include salads, vegetables, whole fruit, “food” eg yam, sweet potatoes, green bananas, breadfruit, plantain, legumes, nuts and seeds, yogurt, fish from “clean sources”, Chicken fed on corn .
The analogy I use is that our fuel is like using only 90 gasoline. That’s what our “machine” was made to run on;  not 87, diesel, or kerosene. Anything less than 90 will mess with the carburettor over time and cause disease.
Unfortunately, the current allopathic medical system is designed to treat illness, not prevent. We are taught very little nutrition in medical schools, and you pay extra to be seen by a nutritionist.
To compound a bad system, the food industry is designed to cause addiction to foods that are toxic, with special emphasis in addicting children. The addition of salt, sugar, fats and a toxic load of chemicals enhance flavour .
Be warned — what you do with the information I am imparting is your decision.
Be warned — that the influences involved in getting, and keeping you Ill are numerous
Be warned — the influence of power and monitory gains in the “wellness industry” knows no bounds!! Drew Stafford Jersey

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