rape“Burnt like a dog” is a mother’s cry, as her innocent 14-year-old girl child goes missing and turns up burnt to death, like an animal. Found in the same area where just last year another innocent girl child was shot in her bed, for refusing the advances of things parading as “human beings.”

I feel my womb contract as if giving birth, as my vivid imagination takes me to that place of another child being abducted, mistreated, raped, and murdered. I clearly recall the six-year-old girl taken while walking the streets of Norman Gardens; raped and VICIOUSLY murdered, and the three-year-old while downtown Kingston; taken, raped, murdered, and the other teenager whose body was found being desecrated with chemicals at the home of a Trinidadian teacher, just weeks ago, and the 70-odd year old woman, and on and on and on and on.

My heart bleeds black blood of PURE hatred for acts so vile; perpetuated on the most vulnerable amongst us, and the bile is not far from spilling from my throat, at the thought of the sheer pain and terror these young, innocent girls, and older women had to endure at the hands of those monsters that perpetuated these evil deeds, and I shudder to think that they ACTUALLY walk among us; they are fathers, pastors, businessmen, politicians, teachers, neighbours, cousins, uncles; walking among us as if they even deserve to be breathing. The red hot anger I feel renders me nauseous; and as I ponder what could REALLY make up the sub-humans who could do this to us, only just a small degree less of anger turns to those who seek to defend and shield these “people” and I AGAIN resolve to NEVER bear a child to occupy this space called earth.

I almost leapt through my computer last week after reading a comment, from a FEMALE, no less, about the little girl who was killed allegedly by the Trinidadian teacher. The usual victim blaming made me SO incensed that I DID taste blood from LITERALLY biting my own tongue. As far as she was concerned, the little girl was NOT innocent, as she was “having an affair with the teacher, and there are always two sides of every story.” REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY??????????

I have to paraphrase what I said to her, as understandably, you have a certain degree of censorship for this space, but the essence of my response was this; No minor can “have an affair,” as that denotes consent and responsibility, and even if a child is spread-eagled; naked before a GROWN-ASS man, he should NOT touch her, and she CANNOT give consent, as her age renders her INCAPABLE of such a consent!!!! ALL children have a RIGHT to BE children, and NOT taken advantage of; ESPECIALLY by those in charge of, or have authority over them. A child should NOT be touched P.E.R.I.O.D, and utterances like these, from people like you, is what helps to KEEP these sick men perpetuating these unforgivable acts on minors, and stop minors from reporting them.

The “blaming the victim syndrome” continues, while a girl child or woman is being abused simply because she is a breathing female, regardless of her age, since from the suckling to the very old gets raped and murdered in this country.

Once you were born with a vagina, you are rendered “fair game” for molestation, abuse, torture and murder. Your body does not belong to you, and so, if you even dare to say no to unwanted sexual overtures, or protest to being touched inappropriately, you are placed on a “death list” because you have then “violated” and death is your “just reward.” The savage, barbaric thoughts that go through my head about “men” that do this to women and children, will not be put in black and white, as they are MOST unbecoming of a social worker, justice of the peace and lay magistrate, but just suffice it to say that as far as I am concerned, hell is WAY too good for these “people,” and there should be a SPECIAL jail reserved for them.  My thoughts as to what I think SHOULD be done to them in that special jail will be reserved for the ears of those close to me who won’t judge me too harshly.

If you are a breathing female in this country, your life can be snuffed out any minute now, by some predator that is just lurking and waiting for their time to strike, and given “backative” by their families, communities, and even total strangers, who all think that a female’s body is “fair game”,  then we CONTINUE to be deemed to be just walking vaginas; to be used against our will, and then discarded in the most horrible ways, as if our lives, like our bodies, are nothing.

“Burnt like a dog,” raped, murdered, left to be found by heartbroken loved ones; if our bodies are ever found that is; used, abused, unceremoniously discarded by “human beings” who should have been thrown away in condoms. Breathing while female in Jamaica is like a burning arrow being pointed at a “cannot-be-missed” bull’s-eye, it’s almost a sure thing that you, or someone you are related to, or know, will go through some form of sexual abuse in this here country.

Rest in POWER my fellow females. Vengeance is the Lord’s, I just hope it is SWIFT and BRUTAL!!!! Zach Fulton Authentic Jersey

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