For years I have been wondering how Donald Trump could continue to garner such popular support, considering how depraved he is!

For this is a man who is not only boastful about his sexually predatory practices,but also, he has been found to have committed other serious illegal acts during his public career.

These include criminal racial discrimination against black potential tenants in New York, using funds raised for the benefit of the Trump Foundation for his personal use, robbing students registered in Trump University, robbing small contractors and on and on.

While I thought Joe Biden was better for the goals and reputation of the country, I was extremely disappointed by his selfishness in holding on to power after the first term.

For no matter how fit you feel as you age, the reality is, after a certain age we do not have the mental or physical ability to handle certain tasks efficiently, and we could all see Biden deteriorating before our eyes

By selfishly insisting that he was running again, he prevented other possible more competent persons putting themselves up for the leadership of the Democrat Party and candidates for president.

In fact, in the blog: https://joan-myviews.blogspot.com/2023/04/he-is-just-too-old.html?m=1I also pointed to the toll his son Hunter Biden was having on the family. 

 I am no psychiatrist, but I suspect Hunter’s conviction today will have a serious psychological effect on Biden, further expediting his decline. 

It is not only as a drug addict and financial exploiter of the Biden name that this remaining son has been a millstone around the President’s neck, but morally, in family matters as well. 

For while the Bidens like to showcase their grandchildren, they have not only refused to acknowledge their last grandchild, (who was sired by Hunter), but also, have never had a word of condemnation for that son’s refusal to support financially, that child!

(The DNA commissioned by the mom proved it was Hunter’s child and the entire sordid affair has been widely reported in the press.)

The world has, for quite a few decades, held up the USA as a good example in many regards.

In my book however, both the Bidens and Trump have been terrible for the reputation and future of this great country.

Worse, the convicted felon will probably once again end up being the president of this the most powerful country in the world.

So sad. 

The debate between Trump and Biden on June 27 has not only confirmed everything I said above, but it has probably damaged Biden’s legacy.

For in truth, Biden has been an exemplary citizen who sacrificed a lot over the years to serve his country and make it a better place for all.

However, because of his determination to selfishly hold on to power long after he has no capacity to perform effectively, he will probably destroy that legacy forever.

Power indeed corrupts!

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