As long as the strong continue to oppress and tyrannize the weak and vulnerable there is a role for militants/guerillas.

For how else can the victimized win/regain their freedom from those with superior arms?

Remember, it was militants, also dubbed terrorists by the well-armed oppressors and their powerful supporters, who brought the fight that eventually brought justice in the United Kingdom (the IRA), South Africa (the ANC), etc.

Freedom fighters should never lose their humanity in their struggle though, and that is what Hamas, under the leadership of Mohammed Deif, did on October 7th, when they invaded sections of Israel, killed, maimed, and kidnapped innocent women and children, instead of those who had their heels on their necks.

I had no idea the so-called free press in the USA which influences so much of the world, was so biased until they started to report on this bloody tragedy. For if you had just come from Mars, you could be excused if you thought this latest flare-upin that region happened in a vacuum. For, the main media houses seemed to be in competition among themselves to determine who could sound more like the official spokespeople of the Israeli Government! As to News Nation, which was only launched in 2020 as a cable news station, they in my book, have the most unhinged reportage on the Gaza affair.

In the USA, where press freedom is supposedly held up as being sacred, suddenly all criticism of the Israeli Government’s actions which led to the birth of Hamas, are condemned by the traditional media organizations as either anti-Semitic, taken out of context or simply censored.

This even though the Israeli Government comprised of the Likud and other far-right malevolent parties and led by Netanyahu since 2022, is extremely unpopular and have been facing massive resistance at home.

For it is not all Israelis inside and outside of the Zionist state who support the oppression and the campaign by settlers, operating under the protection of the Israeli Defence Force, to murder and terrorize Palestinians, to steal their land as is the regular practice in the West Bank.

So, while Hamas must be condemned for the brutal attack on civilians on October 7th, which left some 1,200 civilians dead and more than 240 taken hostage, the vicious retaliation on all civilians in Gaza by the Israeli army, which killed almost 7,000 children in 40 days, is beyond the pale.

Interestingly, in the US, most of the voices that condemn Putin for his brutal attacks on civilians in Ukraine saw little wrong with what could only be described asthe start of a genocidal campaign against innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

In this latest campaign, the Israeli Government has not only relentlessly bombed more than a million civilians, destroyed their homes, all possessions, even bombing hospitals carelessly but also, later deprived those who managed to survive of food, water, and electricity.

 This is simply beyond evil.

 “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty’ declared by Samuel Johnson, and what we were told by most of the mainstream media in the USA is the most blatant evidence of this I have ever seen.

You know, the US and Israel had long boasted about Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East but what the world is now getting full evidence of is that what really exists there is a vicious apartheid system.

The temporary respite from the bombing as some Israeli hostages and Palestinian ‘prisoners’ were being released exposes the truth behind the popular perception that Gaza is the largest prison in the world. For we now understand the trivial grounds they had been using to create prisoners there. For prominent amongthese ‘prisoners’ are women and children who were detained and locked up without due process for ‘crimes’ as trivial as tweeting or throwing stones at Israeli soldiers guarding settlers who stole their lands after killing and maiming their parents and relatives!

According to well-respected Dr. Gabor Mate in an interview with Piers Morgan, ‘A poll in 2005 found that the most traumatized children in the world were to be found in Gaza.’  That was long before the unconscionable bombing in Gaza since October 2023, he emphasized.

Dr. Mate is a child of Holocaust victims and is one of the many Israelis worldwide who are vocal and passionately opposed to the continuing vicious treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli.

The US media tells us how traumatized Israelis are, and the Israeli Government insisted that the recent pause in the bombing was only temporary.

The world cannot sit by and allow that country, with the backing of the USA, to continue this vicious and unconscionable campaign against women and children in Gaza. (Thank goodness they fired Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahuy who flippantly suggested using nuclear weapons on the Palestinians!)

Murder, destruction, land grab, and brutality can only lead to the creation of more groups like Hamas.

Dare I remind them that it was Einstein who declared that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”!

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