Satirical Corner

And it came to pass that a number of comrades gathered themselves and took the long trek to the PNP Headquarters. They proclaimed themselves ‘prayer warriors’ and wanted some signs from the Lord as to which candidate to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. They came from near and far – the youth, women, workers, the elderly, from all strata of society who operated under the ‘big tent’ of the People’s National Party.  They spent seven days and night, and it rained during those seven days, but they waited for a sign as to who they should vote for as they return to their own version of ‘Galilee’ to preach the gospel according to Mark or Lisa.

They prayed for enduring strength and courage of their two leaders – Mark and Lisa – and also for the delegates who must believe in the future of the party, that be sanctified by the truth, for the word is the truth, and the spirit of truth should dwell within them.

So it is said, that as they carry through their psalms of worship and praise, behold! a flash of lightening jolted in them the realization that the search for a united PNP remains the greatest challenge facing the party. They were reminded that the mark of unity is the love of Jesus Christ, so they turned to the gospel according to Mark for further guidance, and found where it is written in Mark 1 verse 38 that Jesus had commanded some of his disciples to ‘go into the next town, that he may preach there also, because for this purpose he had come forth’.

They searched and searched until it was further revealed to them in Mark 3 verses 20-27 that a house divided cannot stand, and that “no one can enter a strong man’s (or woman’s) house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house”.  So they reflected on the ‘houses’ of the two candidates, Lisa in South East St. Ann and Mark in South St. Andrew, and found that one candidate’s house was built on a rock, and the other on a slippery slope.

They also took note of the fact that the PNP ship had drifted too far right, ended up sharing berth with the JLP, so that Lisa could slip on board after the fallen out between captain and first mate. They are now the wiser that they should ‘tek sleep mark death’, and trust in the gospel according to Mark, and not to lean on their own understanding (Proverbs 3 v.5) in making their decision as to the candidate of choice to lead the People’s National Party.

And so on the seventh day they left the PNP headquarters, satisfied that they understood the message from the gospel according to Mark and that they must now go forth on November 7 to make their mark to go with Golding.

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