• globalism

    Jamaica not immune from the far right

    The past few years have seen a massive surge in support for far-right, crypto-fascist politicians and parties. Election results from India to The Philippines, from Germany to Italy and most notably the USA in 2016 have elevated candidates with reprehensible ideologies to the highest offices in their respective lands....
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    Our mission: Develop a society where honesty and integrity supersede corruption and lawlessness

    In my previous article, I spoke to issues of storytelling as an effective way of communicating historical events, current events, and a basis for leading new thoughts for the future strategies needed for changes and improvements for Jamaica. However, storytelling is quite a different thing when compared with “suss”....
  • art

    No art for art’s sake

    Art has a purpose. It is to act as an expression and extension of humanity and the human experience. This much is obvious, listen to any song, read any novel or view a painting and one can oftentimes feel what the artist is striving for (more so if the...

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