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    The more politicians promise change, the more things remain the same

    Change is a word that is always on politicians’ lips. Change is something that most if not all politicians promise and it is so not just because politicians enjoy hearing themselves speak or are stuck in a loop, it is because most times a serious change is visibly needed for...
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    Time for a Moral Referendum

      The British are well known for their dry wit, often satirical humour and sayings accompanied by their exaggerated pronunciations. One of these “crime raises its ugly head” is, for us in Jamaica, a complete understatement, and perhaps we need some clarification or re-definition. Violent crime has various phases...
  • The state of our democracy: why corruption is a ‘gendered’ issue! [Part I]

    Currently, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is trying to push through ‘The Integrity Commission Bill.’  As of July 21, 2017, it was headed to the House of Representatives for final review.  In the eyes of a diversity of civil society actors — feminist activists, human rights defenders, social justice...
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    Politics and the bureaucracy

    All of us have some knowledge of what politics is because of either our observation of it and/or our participation in it.  Some of us have knowledge of the bureaucracy and invariably, a negative view of it as something that impedes and/or delays accomplishment of policy objectives.  In brief,...
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    The Red Flag

    “Lisa, please come this way,” was the instruction they gave as the guards pulled a long red rope to barricade the perimeter. I was not allowed to cross. That was it. The final curtain call. I exited stage left as the bright lights heralded the new queen. That was...
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    The Phillips Presidency

    WILL HE BE BOLD ENOUGH TO AXE NON-PERFORMERS ? Peter David Phillips on the weekend fulfilled what is being widely reported as a ‘lifelong dream’ of becoming President of the 78 year old People’s National Party (PNP). He’s the fifth President of the oldest political party in the English...

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