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Marvette Camille

  • Years don’t necessarily make for better relationships

    Years don’t change bad behaviour. A concerted effort and a resolve to change a behaviour is what usually works. That said, many people stay in bad/sad/toxic/dead-end relationships because they have been in it for years, and therefore do not want to “waste those years”. However, the years of being...
  • rape

    Breathing while being female is DANGEROUS in Jamaica

    “Burnt like a dog” is a mother’s cry, as her innocent 14-year-old girl child goes missing and turns up burnt to death, like an animal. Found in the same area where just last year another innocent girl child was shot in her bed, for refusing the advances of things...
  • Asthma-African-I-207x300

    “I Can’t Breathe”

    I walked inside my house and wondered at the thick fog that greeted me, and my already struggling lungs registered the smell of something much more than smoke; something so toxic that I could taste it on my teeth. This clearly was not just ordinary garbage burning. As a...
  • man

    Men have feelings too

    We tend to, because they don’t talk or cry as much as we do, forget that men are human beings with feelings. Men are often times socialized to be tough; which basically translates to, you shouldn’t show emotions; don’t cry, don’t talk about what hurts you, and never seem...
  • woman

    A Woman’s Right to Choose

    As at present day; 2018, abortion is still illegal in Jamaica, the Act governing this is the Offences Against the Person Act of 1864; an act based the English Act of 1861; wherein, a woman’s decision to terminate her pregnancy was punishable by a life sentence; with or without...
  • father

    If you made the time to produce children, then take care of them!

    Children don’t stay little forever. There will come a time when they will know, without you telling them about the sperm and egg donors whose total contribution to their existence is their DNA. When John Crow nyam out yuh conscience, and innocent children are made to suffer because you...

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