• keys

    Turning the key to unlock the passion for service

    Most people think passion, purpose, and prosperity are things you find and then create, but that’s not true. Passion is the result of the care and excellence you choose to put into the things. I used to think that passion and purpose were things you found and then could...
  • Nelson-Mandela

    The role of leadership

    In organisations where there is faith in the abilities of formal leaders, employees will look towards the leaders for a number of things. Workers expect effective and sensible planning, confident and effective decision-making, and regular, complete communication that is timely. Members will expect leadership to be supportive, concerned and...
  • mountain climber

    The grit factor: Activating our blueprint

    What is your grit level? Do you consider the power of passion and perseverance a critical factor that could determine your ability to forge ahead, stay on track and achieve the targets you have set? In a 2013 TEDx Talk, Angela Lee Duckworth shared her interesting career shifts, the...
  • woman

    Greeting to Women

     Woman born with instinct, tender love and care Lately it seems they’re going extinct Domestic violence on the rampage A pure kick and box down No time fi fun. Caan walk pon di street Yu body is like a showpiece “Hey sexy my size mi wan da body u...

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