James Moss Solomon

  • male athletes

    Urgent need for detailed research on school sports

    The question of professionalism in high school sports (both girls and boys) has been around from the 1960s and has also been a very hot topic for the past 30 years. This followed on the heels of whether or not the Olympic Games should continue to ban professional participants....
  • flag

    Time for action, not for promises

    The concept of time seems to escape our notice whenever we speak. Perhaps our Jamaican language does not always follow the traditional tenses as formerly taught in Grammar classes. This in itself may have an impact on measurement that can severely affect governance and business processes. “We built” means...
  • maxresdefault

    No reward for driving up the median

        The essential goal of production, growth, and development is to provide an important source of wealth to a nation. This is a constant debate, and economists measure the effective use of three base factors, namely, land, labour, and capital. Labour and capital are factors that are easily...

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