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  • Nationalism needed on this issue of plastic

    Jamaica has taken a big step as it relates to protecting the environment. As of 2019 and phased through to 2020, Jamaica will be banning the importation and production of single-use plastic, styrofoam and cling wrap, in all but the most urgent cases such as hospitals, etc. This step...
  • holding hands

    Unions need to demand smart and in unison

    The past decade has seen public sector workers going through the ringer as it relates to pay. With the rate of inflation always in the back of one’s mind, the workers have had to endure a severe wage freeze or a wage increase so minuscule that when adjusted for...
  • bureaucracy

    Politics and the bureaucracy

    All of us have some knowledge of what politics is because of either our observation of it and/or our participation in it.  Some of us have knowledge of the bureaucracy and invariably, a negative view of it as something that impedes and/or delays accomplishment of policy objectives.  In brief,...
  • jamaican-money

    Tax system is too corrupt!

      On the face of it, people really hate taxes, especially in Jamaica and similar countries where corruption is viewed as endemic. No one likes going to the pumps or supermarket and paying that GCT. We are especially upset when we see taxes attached to essential items such as...

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