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    Time to flip those trends

    It’s the time of year when gender and age trends are flipped. Punters should pay attention. Turfites should understand that 3 year olds are just like teenagers, so they are not yet fully developed. Especially when it’s remembered that all thoroughbreds, for administrative reasons, have January 1 as their...
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    The state of our democracy: why corruption is a ‘gendered’ issue! [Part I]

    Currently, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is trying to push through ‘The Integrity Commission Bill.’  As of July 21, 2017, it was headed to the House of Representatives for final review.  In the eyes of a diversity of civil society actors — feminist activists, human rights defenders, social justice...
  • father

    Calling Men

    I listened with awe the other day, to a phone-in program on a popular radio station that asked the question, “who is to blame for the indiscipline in schools? Mom? Dad? or Miss?” My heart sank as I processed the issue. Then came the realization that I know what...
  • women in group of men

    Balancing our democracy – Part II

    In part one we focused on the public sector and gave an overall picture of the global trends in terms of women’s participation in power and decision-making. So how do women in Jamaica fare in the private sector? Much Ado About Nothing? In  January, 2015, the International Labour Organization...
  • woman

    Greeting to Women

     Woman born with instinct, tender love and care Lately it seems they’re going extinct Domestic violence on the rampage A pure kick and box down No time fi fun. Caan walk pon di street Yu body is like a showpiece “Hey sexy my size mi wan da body u...
  • women in group of men

    Balancing our democracy – Part I

    Globally, the participation of women and men in formal or informal decision-making structures differs between countries and is generally male-dominated. Many factors contend — cultural, economic, social, institutional, political and other forces combine to actively limit women’s equal access to power and decision-making. The World Bank, in its 2012...

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