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    Emancipendence, Garvey and the charade that passes for a modern Jamaica

    The recently coined word “Emancipendence” has been cleverly used to describe two quite separate events that culminated over 100 years apart. They do, however, represent two cooperative efforts that transcended racial descent, giving rise to a concept later described as “Out of Many, One People”; our Jamaican National Motto....
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    It is a sad moment in the history of Jamaica when we finally have to realize that the crass politics and their accompanying utterances leave very little hope for natural evolution. The two by-elections are over and the results are not any different to those that were expected, so...
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    If Jamaica is to truly fight crime

    Over the past year the nation has been hollering for action to stem the seemingly irreversible rise in crime. After years of seeing the crime rate (led by murders) decline – coincidentally after Dudus was extradited and a heavy military/police presence was evident – we have seen crime rise...
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    Education funding – a new policy

    The Government of Jamaica (GOJ), commendably, has just decided to spend J$300 million to assist deregistered final year students at the University of the West Indies (UW), University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) and other universities to pay the outstanding monies due by them to the universities in order to...
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    Jamaica needs a revolution of the mind

      Jamaica, on the face of it, has made amazing progress since Independence in 1962.  We have a stable multiracial society; we have never had any political upheaval that leads to dictators; and despite our many incompetent leaders we have had a relatively stable economy. However, when one takes a...

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