Donald Trump

  • sunrise

    Hey, Rip Van Winkles, wake up, it’s 2019!

    A happy New Year to all our readers. I wish you all a healthy and successful 2019, and urge us all to be action people, rather than being talkers. Forget Donald Trump and the media circus over which we have no control, and focus on events within our control....
  • Here’s what has really thrown the American media into a hissy fit

      They say time heals all wounds. They also say that people tend to romanticize things from the past. We see this everywhere. In Jamaica, we gripe about the good old days just before Independence when everything was ‘hunky-dory’. In the USA, they gripe and hark back to the glory days...
  • globalism

    A toast to the trinity who may cause the system to implode

    Donald Trump is in the White House, Marine Le Pen almost secured power in France and Angela Merkel looks like she should take the German federal elections.  All in all, things are looking pretty crappy, and that has me extremely happy. Now, please don’t get it twisted. It’s not that...

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