Bob Marley

  • winnie

    Winnie Mandela: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

    The passing of Winnie Mandela is a matter for condolences to her family and the wider numbers of supporters who have been inspired by her strong resolve. It is a bittersweet remembrance of different stages of her life and actions. One thing is certain, most, if not all, black...
  • National or Notional Heroes?

    “Diaspora Jamaicans renew call for Bob as National Hero” was the title of a lead story in the Gleaner of January 29, 2018 – an annually recurring theme with every approach of the February 6 anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth. And for good measure, the Gleaner of February 23,...
  • independence day

    Culture Interruptus

    The English language has been the adopted (forced) communication methodology of an enslaved people as Bob Marley said “stolen from Africa, brought to America”. Languages of the ancient Africans, not written but passed on by the words, and stories of the Griots, and storytellers, and repeated as legends about...

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