• venezuela

    Wow Venezuela, wow!

    I am a leftist. Anyone who speaks politics or talks policies with me will attest to the fact that I am between a tree-hugging hippie at times, to a dyed in the wool hardcore Marxist. I believe in equality and I can understand and can even accept the need...
  • sunrise

    Jamaica needs a revolution of the mind

      Jamaica, on the face of it, has made amazing progress since Independence in 1962.  We have a stable multiracial society; we have never had any political upheaval that leads to dictators; and despite our many incompetent leaders we have had a relatively stable economy. However, when one takes a...
  • sunrise

    Let’s save the world

      The world is hurtling fast towards the abyss and no one seems able to save us. We have taken this beautiful world, filled for the most part with lovely persons, and trashed it, thrown it all away for a few dollars and trinkets. When one looks at the...

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