• jamaican-money

    Investment – serious business that demands transparency

    The concept of gifts, loans, public/private partnerships (PPP), and investments, and the reluctance to define their true status in specific cases presents a clear opportunity for obfuscation and clouding of topics that should be transparent. The clarity is very necessary for accounting for public funds, and in many ways...
  • graph1

    What is this governance thing about?

      Greg Christie, in the inaugural issue of the Public Opinion, proffered views on Jamaica’s future and the implications of corruption on the country. His political-economic treatise of the matter which emphasized the magnitude of the potential for the adverse socio-economic consequences that corruption portends is substantial. It inspired...
  • maxresdefault

    No reward for driving up the median

        The essential goal of production, growth, and development is to provide an important source of wealth to a nation. This is a constant debate, and economists measure the effective use of three base factors, namely, land, labour, and capital. Labour and capital are factors that are easily...

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