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alpha n tuning megasquirt It'd take significant dyno time. Turbo Tuning with MegaSquirt To set up the fuel curves for your turbocharged engine with MegaSquirt ® EFI Controller, you have a number of parameters to work with. Moving forward, the R&D forums for MegaSquirt project are in a read-only mode - no new forum posts are accepted. Alternative Tuning / W. Already there are several customizations in the works in the MS2-Extra code, currently in alpha and soon to enter beta testing. It is a good idea to set either the second or third row of KPa bins in the VE Table to the idle MAP value. A one stop page showing multiple dyno graphs of various engines in different states of tune, from standard through increased capacity to forced induction. Alpha-n is the fuelling algorithm it uses throttle position and rpm to determine the fuelling. Ignition is EDIS4 but I have plans to run COP using the coils that came off a Focus. Like the other systems, it can be configured for either alpha-N or MAP based load calculation. you must choose at at least 2 squirts per cycle. m50b25 alpha-n chip This tune is specifically intended for M50B25 engines running without a MAF sensor*, instead utilizing only IAT + TPS to tune. Megasquirt 3 - Expansion Denne Megasquirt 3 motorstyring er med expansionboard. Vapor Trail Production 122,436 views Will do some more tuning in the coming days and it should be good to go for a real dyno tune in a week or so. ECU Tuning options Discussion in '80 Looks like there's a new Megasquirt standalone ECU that is plug'n'play for the 1FZ-FE DIYPNP Available Alpha-N and Hybrid Evolve gains 46. It was easy to set the wide open throttle fuel map on the chassis dyno using similar techniques to doing a carburetor, but the partial throttle fuel maps were a different story. A. This tune works with the STOCK Bosch Motronic 402, 403, 413, and 506 ECUs. 1 3. I figure enough questions are going to arise regarding the conversion of my 90' MV 2. (This is in addition to 4 lines for Idle stepper control if you don't need this, or the Fast idle solenoid then becomes a spare if you do use a stepper motor. MegaManual - General MegaSquirt information including tuning and v2. Der medfølger 2 meter ledningsnet Here is where I'm at today with my car. Under the hood, the V8 powerplant has received a boost of 30 horsepower to bring the total power to 450 HP. EFI332 development started around 1999 and culminated in the release of about 200 kits in 2000. This is called "Alpha-N". The question is if there truly a better flash product? I am aware that there are other factors that aid in determining this such as weight of the rider, weig Alpha N is the term used by the DME manufacturers to describe a mode of operation. Running the engine was an eye watering experience. DME is coded custom to your options. I've seen many videos on both systems and they both have basically the same strategies of tuning like 67dart273 mentioned. Supports most aftermarket wideband sensors. I've done 0 setup on it (a friend has slapped on a base map to get me going), apart from getting the actual car ready for it (fitting wideband, IAT, VTPS etc) and I have some questions for you MS / Tunerstudio gurus. Just some thoughts from tuning my bike, with alpha-n, do not space the TPS ("MAP") bins evenly. Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MegaSquirt ® or MicroSquirt ® controller is legal for your application. These include things like cold start pulse widths and acceleration enrichments. The tuners at Alpha-N Performance have released some styling and performance upgrades for the BMW M3 E92 models. Which version of MS are you using and what are the full details of your set up? For the most part from there tuning Alpha-N is the same as others. MegaSquirt was designed by Bruce Bowling and Al Grippo in 2001. I think anybody expecting "plug and play" from an aftermarket engine management system is in for some surprises. It is configured to control stock hardware . The TEC-200 products are PC-programmable engine control systems featuring a powerful Windows-based tuning environment. MegaSquirt® be converted from its default speed­density calculations to Alpha­N which uses RPM. HistoryThe Megasquirt's predecessor was the EFI332 project, led by the same people. 000 user manuals and view them online in . A megasquirt? It has a ITB mode that blends Alpha N with Speed Density to compensate for the lack of map stability at low throttle settings. Top. What MS firmware are you currently running and what tuning application? AN should have TPS on the Y axis and RPM on the X axis of the VE table. we only need speed density of as our control method so secondary methods can be disabled. MegaSquirt provides either speed-density or alpha-N fuel control. 5 on a cold green track, plugged in your ecm and immediately removed 4 tenths before any mods to accommodate new power. In the Alpha N mode, it runs really rich. The MS3 Pro includes a CD with the tuning software and documentation. Whether you are looking to gain in-debt knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is available in partial and complete kits. Introducing the Ms3 gold box standalone with pnp "drop on" harness for the vg30 engines. The emergence of fuel injected motorcycles in the late 90’s required a different standard of tuning than a carburetor. The MS3 Pro requires an external MAP sensor, which is sold separately. Alpha-N uses the only throttle Tuning Megasquirt EFI and Spark - Part 2 This is the continuation of the Megasquirt/EDIS installation article found here (which I apparently ran out of article room in): This article will focus specifically on how to tune an EFI installation on your 2002. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I'm still playing with them, of course, but this is a fairly good tune, I think. It looks like the overlap was 7 degrees at 0. Speed density or Alpha-N. Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System With the MegaSquirtPNP EMS, we've simply taken all of the wiring homework and labor out of the project for you. Tried to use six individual throttles on the Triumph as it is employed on the TR6 PI but with the MS2. Search among more than 1. making tuning very difficult. I've also heard that putting a fuel filter between the MAP sensor and vacuum manifold is a good way to smooth out vacuum pulses to the sensor. com and affiliated sites. The Universal MS3 Gold Box is a powerful, feature packed engine management system that the budget minded enthusiast has been waiting for. MegaSquirt also employs Tau-based wall film compensation for those looking for ideal tip-in fueling response. Use any injector - High or Low impedance. html. Alpha-N uses the only throttle Alpha-N is also sometimes called “TPS maps” because the only sensor that is used for determination of fueling is the Throttle Position Sensor. If you are using Alpha-N instead of Speed Density, the TPS sensor now becomes the "load" amount instead the MAP sensor. The code is compiled for the ATmega328p so the supported boards should be: Edelbrock Pro-Flo 2 EFI systems are available with two tuning strategies, speed density, and alpha-N, along with base calibrations for your AMC/Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, or Pontiac application. MegaSquirt has been installed on thousands of engines from restored classics to daily drivers to full on race-cars. . how does megasquirt compare to kalmaker? I have a mate with kalmaker and I'd need a real time ecm or a security PAL or I could go with MS. Alpha-n tuning is often referred to TPS referenced load control, as this method uses just the data from the throttle position sensor with relation to engine RPM and correction factors to control fuel delivery. I have had the opportunity to tune two different BMW M10 engines that use aftermarket ITBs, and try two different ITB sizes on one of these engines. thesteve Another GL1100 Megasquirt EFI project. The MS3-Pro builds off of the existing MegaSquirt-3 architecture with all available 'DIY expansions' built right into a single circuit board in a sealed case with a number of features add to better serve the pro-tuner and pro-racer market. Free Shipping on Many Items! Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for MegaSquirt. MegaSquirt PNP Gen2 Manual. I have a wee question about alpha-n tuning . Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MicroSquirt ® or MicroSquirt ® controller is legal for your application. This is the same ECU 949 Racing uses on it's fleet of record setting and national championship winning Miatas. I feel Megasquirt is a solid aftermarket engine management system for someone that has some understanding of the principles of EFI and understands how to tune a vehicle. We can tuning your M3 ecu like a standalone for alpha-n aem, compressor, ecu, kompressor, megasquirt, mr2, portugal, standalone Over 50 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS Engines (24x and 58x), Ford Coyote (including VVT), Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis! As with the original MegaSquirt EFI system the MegaSquirt 2 is an open source project allowing anyone to customize the hardware and code to meet different needs. So obviously a boosted engine will go over 100%. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Using IAC1B to run the cooling fan. Here's an idea I came up with while searching for information for my own engine build. 0 Unassembled Kit by DIYAutoTune Alpha-N or MAF tuning The tuning software guide to all the tuning parameters used for setting up and tuning a transmission using the V4 code is here: V41tune. MegaSquirt and getting started – Worst case­ install many engine mods and Megasquirt at the time Tuning • Speed density, Alpha­N, and MAF. Courtesy of Gustave Stroes Components of a typical Alpha-N kit. For a control-freak like me, having full control over everything excites me. 3 revision main board. Remote tuning service via the Internet is available, or tuning software is available as a free download from the MoTeC website so the customer can tune it directly using a laptop and a USB-to The Pro-Jection is an alpha-N system with only five adjustments. If your using Alpha-N then by "feathering the throttle", you could just be using a part of the map that is correctly fuelled and avoiding part of the map at higher throttle opening that is incorrect. Basic Setup: More Engine constants. 0 board assembly, etc. More engine constants allows you to set up multiple methods of determining engine load. MegaSquirt is an affordable, standalone, Mappable Engine Management System that can control the Fuel and Ignition on virtually any liquid fueled spark-ignition engine, naturally aspirated or boosted. Set-Up and Tuning Parameters The following is a list of of all the tuning parameters in the MShift™ V2. I spent a good 6 hours reading everything i could about it and i feel like my eyes are bleeding but i still have lingering questions, mainly in terms of making a STS legal car using it. Megasquirt-3 Setting Up 3:Tuning the engine between Speed-Density and Alpha-N tuning for each RPM column. Most German vechicles are designed with an Air Flow Sensor (aka MAF) to provide optimal driveability and clean emmissions control. The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive, straight-forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self-learning, self-tuning fuel table strategies to assist you. wants larger accel enrichments. The Red Baron. 6 programmerbar udgange, 3 analog indput osv. (MAP & IAT). If it was it would tech support similar to xfi and base tunes available to upload besides another forum member on diyautotune. Tuning involves setting all the parameters that MegaSquirt uses to be optimal for your engine, injection, and driving. 8L engines. You lose vacuum so fast with ITB's that as soon as you touch the pedal, you're pretty much tuning normal alpha-n. This assembled MegaSquirt ECU contains an MS2 processor and a v3. Gone were the days of limited tuning with little more than a Blended Alpha-N & MAP mapping? project which will be controlled by a MegaSquirt II, and that project absolutely requires MAP tuning due to forced induction At Whalen's Speed R&D, we have tuned an extensive list of standalone engine management system. 8 wheel horsepower naturally aspirated on an E46 M3 S54 with their carbon airbox and Alpha-N tuning for a total of 326. Megasquirt-2 Setting Up 3:Tuning the engine 3. Miller Performance is only company to bring an affordable mass air flow conversion to the market with a long standing proven track record. Active Autowerke offers some of the most powerful and popular BMW E46 tuning products on the market. it's for a NA 4 cylinder with ITBs and a big cam The MegaSquirt 2 Standalone EMS is the latest product from Bowling and Grippo. Still a bit of work to do, but the new ITB mode in Megasquirt makes it way easier than Alpha N tuning. Big changes in airflow occur at very small throttle openings, and smaller changes of airflow occur at larger throttle openings, so put lots of bins just off throttle and in the cruise area. Overview. ) The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive, straight-forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self-learning, self-tuning fuel table strategies to assist you. See section 3. do some research into helmholtz intake Bmw E36 M3 Alpha-n ecu tuning. you will need at least as ½ as many squirts per cycle as you have cylinder. Tune the alpha n "Table 2" with no boost first and then after adding a turbo, lock "table 2" and tune "table 1". Megasquirt 2 v3. Grimsby Ontario Canada. Fully programmable MAP (Speed density) or TPS (alpha-n) based injection and ignition 8x8 maps for the above with interpolation Batch support up to 8 cylinders, full sequential up to 4 cylinders This is the video I made when I was switching from Speed/Density to Alpha-N. Speed-density uses MAP (manifold air pressure) and RPM to determine the fuelling. 2/v3. More engine constants allows you to set up multiple methods of determining engine load. 5. It is a simple and effective fuel injection controller with an 8x8 fuel table for speed density or alpha-n. Re-map your VE table. Alpha-N, Carbon fiber If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You'd also have to create a vacuum manifold (if the S38 doesn't already have one) and all that stuff so you can get a MAP signal and all. WBO2s getting fouled are because of poor fuel tuning. So a very early one. com has revised it heavily to better meet the needs of professional tuners and racers. Real time tuning and data logging with a laptop or bluetooth connection. 1 audi bottom end a solid lifter head with bigger valves and ive built everything radical cam and P&P webber throddle body 16v TPS g60 injectors lightened flywheel and lots more i installed the megasquirt V2. VEMS was originally a takeoff of The new TEC-200 series engine management systems represents the current in state-of-the-art fuel injection and direct ignition control integrated into one revolutionary package. You will no longer use the MAP sensor for estimating the load on the engine, the throttle position and rpm are used instead. com. I've experimented quite a bit with closed loop but have a decent grid setup with the open loop duty cycles that works well with my actuator. this curve also establishes the lower TPS value that will be used to interpret the range of VE bins allocated to Alpha-N tuning in the VE table. The new MS3-Pro standalone engine management system will make its debut at the PRI trade show November 29th, in Orlando, Florida. Onboard MAP sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 21psi! Speed density or Alpha-N. The alpha-N is the simplest system, but the least precise for part throttle and engine load transitions. Couple of coming off cruise stumbles where the EGC switches over, but they are getting smaller. The problem with tuning ITBs is the fact that even under partial throttle, it is still pulling in 89+Kpa, which is pretty much full throttle on a normal car. The tuning software is freely available at no cost. Runner length and size as well as plenum volume aids in this very dynamic phenomenon. Die MegaSquirt kann das übliche Speed-Density-Verfahren umrechnen in ein Verfahren, welches nur mit der Drehzahl, der Temperatur und der Drosselklappenstellung auskommt. All tuning cables are included with the 8' harness option. 000 code; This is the default pre-loaded code from Bowling and Grippo. Because there is such a difference between the setup of the various MegaSquirt versions, each ECU has it's own configuration page. The project #1. im going in the direction of the emerald at the moment as i dont have that much spare time to sit about mapping a megasquirt and alot of tuners d MS3 PRO EVO - Megasquirt Motorstyring. (And measured RPM, or how fast the motor is spinning) Fuel and timing requirements for the engine are expressed as a function of RPM and TPS. We need to match our input variables to a fuel amount. red96turbols - I never had to many issues with closed loop enabled but I use voltage target not lambda value. I am converting over to hybrid alpha-n with my MS-1 Extra setup, and have made the appropriate changes to the code to setup the spark map to use Kpa instead of TPS for load. Had lots of interesting conversations and saw quite a few people affiliated with "other" efi companies checking it out and asking questions. It can't sense boost and the range of adjustment is limited enough that some naturally aspirated cars have trouble with it. Blended Alpha-N and speed density is an option 2 spare I/O lines for custom controls. Had this engine in for about a year running Hybrid Alpha-N with MSI and more recently ported it to MSII Extra. If plan on doing exotic like closed-loop WB tuning with flex fuel in the future, you might want to lean towards Hydra ($$$) or Megasquirt. 00 – $ 340. Speed Density, Alpha-N and Hybrid Alpha-N (both SD and A-N algorithms hybridized) Supported Onboard 2. Rallye, Bmw, Alpha N,Bluetooth, Megasquirt, Basic tuning of MegaSquirt - (watch in HD) Data recording and analysis - MX5 Unleashed episode 004 - Duration: 10:33. Duplicate the last line there, replace maffactor. Throttle bodies are GSXR 1000 respaced and fitted to a custom aluminium manifold . So you would of had to have used Map, Alpha-N or Alpha-N hybrid which is a mix of the two. You want to allocate the largest portion of the VE table at each RPM to the tuning mode that has the most non-linear response. 2 The aim of the ITB mode is to seamlessly switch between Speed-density and Alpha-N with the single tuning table. By the time the TPS saw a signal, the throttles closest to the cable end had already blipped a little bit. 8 wheel horsepower. The MegaSquirt can do Alpha N (running on TPS alone), how ever with a small vacuum tank in line with the MAP sensor, I think you will be able to run it as normal Speed Density without any problems. And DIYautotune has many Plug and Play versions out there, and more on the way. 08-24-2018 03 It is normally used for acceleration and deceleration enrichment, but it can be used as the primary sensor for metering fuel when using Alpha-N fuel control algorithms. Det gør det muligt at køre med: 8 sekventiel dyser, 8 x sekventiel tænding, tomgangsmotor med 3 ledninger, knasaksel aftastning. MegaSquirt can be converted from speed-density to use RPM , temperature and TPS only. You will need this resource if you're building your own ECU, but not if you're buying a pre-built one. ok so i need help with tuning tables and maps if anyone has something similar to what ive done i have a 2. and the two ITB Load curves. 1 was originally installed on all OBD2 E36/E39 M52 2. • Diagnostics to detect and ignore failing sensors - can even automatically switch from speed density to alpha-N in the event of a MAP sensor failure All the option are not enabled by default because you may need specific sensors connected to the ecu but this gives you an idea of all the possibilities. MegaSquirt uses Windows9x/ME/XP-based PC Configurator software MegaSquirt uses Windows9x/ME/XP-based PC Configurator software for firmware reprogramming, engine monitoring, and tuning. We provide you with a solid base map to tune from to make your installation and tuning process go incredibly smoothly whether you're a super technical computer- You don't say if your using Alpha-N or Speed Density. standard V3. The expanded output voltage range is a great improvement for Alpha-N tuning with PMO throttles. Though the MegaSquirt is capable of a/n, it's not advised on regular or slightly tuned street cars. 050" tappet lift. Not only is it affordable, it is the ONLY plug and play MAF conversion that has no hassles and needs no end user adjustment. " View Dan Nguyenphuc’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Pressing F1 at any menu in the tuning software while connected to the internet will take you directly to the corresponding spot in this file. Simple bolt-on installation Installation Instructions - Hall Effect TPS & Adapter for PMO Throttle Bodies (284 kb PDF) MegaSquirt ® and MicroSquirt ® controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. MegaSquirt is more often than not used as a speed density based system. Apparently the Alpha-N sensing technique is that used by racing teams when high overlap cams produce poor vacuum. This new system is based on the proven MegaSquirt-III design, but DIYAutoTune. I'm trying to figure out the logic behind Megasquirt. The SSSquid Tuning performance chip is the most complete tune on the market, with every aspect of the mapping being optimized from idle to … Continued not rated $ 185. (This is in addition to 4 lines for Idle stepper control if you don’t need this, or the Fast idle solenoid then becomes a spare if you do use a stepper motor. Haltech Platinum Sprint 500 ECU Entry level stand alone ECU Drives 4 ignition and fuel outputs sequentially Offers 4 completely programmable outputs (fuel pump, VVT, VTEC, Nitrous, etc) Closed loop fueling with narrow band or wideband input Barometric altitude compensation Alpha-n or MAP based fueling Ideal for boost Custom ECU Tuning! Call us today at: (985) 956-7009 And ask for Phil! "Hi, it's Roy from Canada, we finally got out to test the ecm, we rented the 1/2 mile banked track got down a base line time with the stock ecm at a respectable 25. The Megasquirt's predecessor was the EFI332 project, led by the same people. Die Alpha-N GmbH steht für Hochwertiges Tuning aller Marken. Tuning with Alpha-N. Megasquirt 3 . , non-diesel engines. Another benefit of the increased plenum volume has to do with intake pulse "tuning" and reducing the vacuum that is apparent when a restriction is in place. 0. Their MAP sensor is suitable for using on turbo'd systems. 57 extra has a lot dun to it was meant for a BMW but never got round to it then was meant to use it for a mx5 but same again lol but can use on most cars c photo for mods dun to it really good bit of kit comes with a long megasquirt loom all labelled and sync cable will post world wide email me if any question just text Therefore. Hence it is used only in racing applications or for coping with a failure mode on passenger It hasn't got crank position sensor or cam position sensor and at the moment I suspect I'm looking at a fairly crude MAP and alpha-n combination, probably using Megasquirt control box but there are a few other possibilities I've identified. Got the MS3 installed and running . I'm an engineer by trade and am fully capable of understanding all the details, but you end up with many screens full of parameters and none of it is documented. With the uptake in remote tuning and support customers we are rolling out a new pricing strategy for those users. it can use only map or only maf or both + any combination of that with alpha-n. Alpha-N and MAF based tuning use on pollution controlled vehicles Microsquirt & Megasquirt It has the same features as Megasquirt 1 and can be tuned in MegaTunix, MegaTune or TunerStudio as a Megasquirt 1 B&G2. Unfortunately, it mounted on the OTHER end of the assembly from the throttle cable, which made getting a good tune on there via Alpha-N near impossible. Megasquirt on a m42 « Reply #20 on: June 30, 2010, 01:47:59 PM » Well, to answer the original question, I have a ms2 system on my m42 and as of yesterday it runs as well as I can get it to with no more upgrades and only egt and a wideband to tune with. xxx software, and each has a description of how that parameter is used. 3. R / Megasquirt / etc User Name: M42 Alpha N options. Offers two tuning strategies: speed density (engine speed versus manifold absolute pressure) and alpha-N (engine speed versus throttle position). ECUMASTER EMU BLACK is a universal engine control computer that manages the operation of spark-ignition engines, and is designed to work with the most advanced and complex currently available engines. Alpha-N Explanation. ) I believe the Uni chip tune is done by a Uni chip dealer. Is there a for-profit entity behind megasquirt, or is it an open source community driven thing, or what? I personally find tuning GM TBI to be annoying. 8 from 2001-2005 - £995 Plus £18 postage. However, I could be wrong. The Pro Comp catalog shows a complete turn-key system but doesn’t say if it is a speed density system or if it’s an Alpha-N system (which would make far more sense. ) Here is a list of some of the features and benefits of the MegaSquirt-I™ EFI Controller: Fuel calculations based on mathematical equations and physical formulas relating directly to your vehicle - many other existing systems rely soley on trial-and-error, estimation or guesswork for fuel delivery. NOTE: An updated version of this document can be found here This is a guide to upgrade the Motronic ECU fitted to BMW's 3-Series (1988 to 1991) using the after market ECU Megasquirt, and a Coil Pack for Wasted Spark. You have to connect the 0 to 5V MAF output signal (pin D on a Ford MAF sensor) to an appropriate input port (through a 1K Ohm resistor). 10: 205 : Megasquirt COP conversion. matt cramer is a hell of a guy and I am in no way of dismissing ms as a viable efi as it is a great product. how to tune in alpha n, megasquirt alpha Note that the scale in MS2-Extra is in %, so 100% = atmosphere (100KPa) in MAP mode, or 100% TPS in Alpha-N, etc. For example, you could run Alpha-N (TPS vs. the VE table works the Based on Megasquirt 3 technology, the PiMPx is designed to run the ignition system stock to your vehicle by default. This DME will be plug and play into any 96-99 M52 chassis with EWS delete option. Compatible with output from narrowband sensors and wideband O2 systems. Exhaust gas (O2) Although not required, an exhaust gas oxygen (EGO) sensor is helpful in the tuning phase of the conversion. Autotune can be used, but I've actually tried tuning normal alpha-n and hybrid alpha n on a 20v 4age, and it doesn't work too well. e. "Erfahrung kann man nicht kaufen, aber man kann dafür bezahlen. inc with the name of your translation table, change the name of the solution to something descriptive, like "Volvo 016", and make sure you take the semi colon off the front. Works pretty well unless you have a really aggressive cam, in which case you'd have to use either alpha-N or a hybrid of alpha-N and MAP. MegaSquirt board 3. MegaManual 3. Headed home from Florida, but had a great time with the DIYautotune guys, the tuning software writer and the inventors. When I switched to Alpha N I realized at that time an idle control valve was out of the question and I would have to live with what ever MegaSquirt could do in this mode of opperation. Harnesses are custom made to your specifications, injector, tps type. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dan’s . MS1/Extra (MegaSquirt 'n Spark-Extra) [3] MS1/Extra is a firmware modification to the original Bowling and Grippo MegaSquirt written by Philip Ringwood and James Murray (with contributions from many more). The most important of these are the Req_Fuel value and the VE table (8x8 or 12x12 volumetric efficiency table). 000. Thus the name 'alpha-n' - after throttle angle (alpha) and engine speed (n). What I've found online, is more a cookbook than how it works. We need to make a step from configuring each engine by editing the source code to being able to configure each aspect of the individual setup via well-know tuning software. Not sure about using Autotune with the hybrid option, but I know you could use Autotune with MS1's as there was even an autotune feature in Megatune and you would of been able to use it with Map or Alpha-N I would of imagined. MegaSquirt ® and MicroSquirt ® controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. This ZIP file contains: The megasquirt. You don't have to use closed loop fueling, you can use open loop, or even a combo of open and closed loop at various RPM & manifold vacuum/pressures. GameboyRMH wrote: I've heard that using the ITB/blended setting at first is for masochists and you should start with Alpha-N mode with barometric correction (atmospheric MAP sensor). 2 and it starts but i cant rev it up and the throddle has to be cracked open and To go to ITBs (which is what you have now) with no obstruction you'd need to go to Alpha-N tuning on MS2 which I am not sure about right now. Buy Haltech HT055048 Platinum Pro Engine MegaSquirt 3 Programmable EFI Engine Management System w/PCB3. However, not all optional parameters can be chosen simultaneously. 4. I looked very briefly to find a company stateside and saw something before I had to get to work. I FINALLY have a standalone ECU. But there was one additional question that the edelbrock system had that I didnt see on the holley setup which was the computer asking "how aggressive of a cam is installed. MegaSquirt was originally a DIY fuel injection only system, designed to convert carburettor cars to fuel injection or to convert cars that were already fuel injected to an open system that allows tuning and working with the parameters. If you’re running an older firmware and having trouble making closed loop idle work for you, check if there’s a newer release, or even a new alpha code being tested with improvements to the closed loop idle. pdf The only other option is alpha N or blended tables just remains to be seen if it's going to be Haltech or Megasquirt. TPS isn't a brilliant indicator of load, hence hybrid Alpha-n tuning strategies cars with no intake manifold. I wouldn't use alpha N, not sure why you wouldn't use speed density. Megasquirt was built by RS4PRO here on S14. Megasquirt has great tuning ability but it isn't as user friendly for the masses. What the ITB Load tuning algorithm does is calculate a load value based on MAP. Basically, if you use Megasquirt, you are building your own tune from scratch, you will have problems along the line, and you will pretty much need to fix them on your own, but it is a great tuning solution for the J-Bodies. I've found very little 'step by step' setup information with detailed instructions on how to use MegaTune or how to start tuning once Megasquirt is installed. So basically you have to choose between getting a good tune that makes good power and horrible gas mileage, or great gas mileage but horrible power. 0 board. The computer is designed to operate in either an alpha-N or speed density mode. ITB mode is probably the way to go, though I'll admit it's taken me far longer to get this dialed in than the pure Alpha N mode on the last motorcycle I megasquirted. It's a Megasquirt 1 PNP. If you have a highly tuned street car with lumpy cams or an all our race car that idles at 2500RPM then it might be for you. Many different Ford ignition systems are supported including TFI, DIS, EDIS, CDI (MSD style ignition boxes), and when using the Internal Expansion Port, Individual Coil Packs with a Crank Trigger. alpha-N fuel control. ; Note that the bootloader file boot_r12. good tuning on a megasquirt ecu will yield similar The World's Largest Community of RX-7 Owners and Enthusiasts. The system used a 32-bit MC68332 microcontroller from Motorola. Alpha-N uses the only throttle position and RPM to calculate the amount of fuel to inject as opposed to using the manifold absolute pressure and RPM to calculate the amount of fuel to inject. In the first part of the video you can see that the response is terrible. However the forums will remain available for view, they still contain a wealth of information on how MegaSquirt works, how it is installed and used. Although if the car is tuned for ITBS Alpha N style it will look a little bit different to regular style tuning. Hey, as some of you maaay know. 0 is the latest (last?) true DIY board from Al Grippo and Bruce Bowling. medium. Gruppe, I know many folks on this board understand quite well what Alpha-N is, but this is for those who don't understand it. The bottom line is if you understand terms like VE, MAP, MAF, and Alpha-N in Megasquirt, then stick to what you know and welcome to NASIOC! Alpha-N An alternative method of metering fuel is to use the throttle position sensor as the column index. Essentially due to the way things run, the MAP amount I have with KPA was a tiny window of maybe 30kpa to deal with, so the resolution was tiny. The software has a special ITB mode that uses the MAP sensor at low throttle / high vacuum and switches to the TPS at high throttle / low vacuum, for those using independent throttle bodies. MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller. For models with the v1. Unless otherwise requested, it will ship with the latest stable release of the MS2/Extra firmware. It's supposed to be the best of both worlds if you can get it tuned properly. Here is where I'm at today with my car. asm is required to load the code necessary for the upgrading of the software through the serial port. The engine was fun below 4500rpm (the removed T-VIS switch point), and then something changed in the tuning and was a whole lot more fun from there to the redline. We have extensive experience in many standalone engine management systems including AEM V1/V2, Haltech, ProEFI, MegaSquirt, LinkECU, Motec, Syvecs, Vipec, and more. by Mykk540i/6. The Traditional Megasquirt is not for everyone, but if you want to learn this stuff, the MegaManual will have most everything you will need to learn to tune your car yourself. Can work with a narrow-band (included) or wide ECU Tuning options Discussion in '80 alpha-n or MAF for fuelling calculations for tuning, the same software as Megasquirt. Megamanual Tuning Will I be able to tune the shift points, etc. Speed density, Alpha-N, Alpha-N Combination, and VE fueling strategies – Tuner has the option to select from a variety of load sensing strategies to meet their engine requirements or tuning preference Tuning der Alpha-N Tabelle []. This is the ultimate in control, using the MS3 setup, it has VVT control and SD card logging, providing a true Plug-n-Play ECU Firmware for MS-I chip. It is the exact same setup and tuning support we offer for our ECU customers, but accounts for the extra challenges that come with new relationships. Off idle ECU would revert to MAP algorythm all the way to full load. if the The issue of open headers of poor WBO2 placement can be addressed with an Alpha-N table (or a combo of Speed Density and Alpha-N). Alpha-N An alternative method of metering fuel is to use the throttle position sensor as the column index. Well over a decade ago, Fox-body fans rejoiced with the advent of the first replacement performance chips and piggy-back computers. It has also been a success because it further improved upon the stability of the system, while at the same time increasing the feature set and, importantly, offering a prototyping area for future modifications. First you should set your inovative to the 0-5v signal; That's covered in the inovative manual or on their Web site . Links to other MegaSquirt Forums: MSefi If you have questions about MS1/Extra or MS2/Extra or other non-B&G code configuration or tuning, Alpha N blending. Running Alpha N till I get a Map sensor installed close to the intake. 0-3. This section covers programming the MS1 ECU to run the 13B rotary. From supercharger kits, headers, and exhausts, to suspension and ECU tuning for your E46, we have it all. you may want to skip these. I usually recommend having the lowest amount of timing right at the RPM range where you want it to idle, then setting about 3 degrees more timing about 200 RPM below your desired idle speed. The engine I have built for my old Honda has rather large ( for the street ) cams with plenty of lift/duration/overlap and itbs to boot. " Herzlich Willkommen auf der Seite der Alpha-N GmbH. The set-up is described above. im looking at the megasquirt 2 or the emerald k6. Full details of each step are provided within I am looking at picking up a megasquirt-II programmable EFI kit. Bit confused, when the Fuel table is now converted to a load based on tps, why is the ignition table still Kpa load based?? I now only seem to be using the top third of the ignition load table? MX5 / Miata 1. There's a lot of guys on the Megasquirt forums who just use a MAP line plumbed to draw a signal from all the throttle bodies at once. Basic Setup: Fuel VE Table 1 The VE (volumetric efficiency) table represents the main fuel map for the engine and is where you will be doing most of your tuning. The current defaults are 50% at all points. Start up the tuning software, go to the Constants dialog and change speed density to Alpha-N. Did lots of research, trial and error, tuning and re-tuning on Speed Density before finally going to Alpha-N. It may solve some drivability issue tough. I know all the Infinity literature talks about the VE based tuning but can it also do TPS/Alpha N based mapping for ITBs? I assume it does, just checking 2 years ago he decided to ITB and Megasquirt his super high mileage 16V. ) Alpha-N takes the vacuum out of the equation entirely because it makes decisions based on TPS, ignition pulse, and oxygen sensor input. 30 for MegaSquirt Tuning Your MegaSquirt 112 density or alpha-N fuel control. where N is the number of cylinders. 5 bar MAP sensor 2 Ignition Inputs (for dual wheel ignitions) The MicroSquirt ® code can be used on MegaSquirt-II™, and thus MS-II™ can use a MAF. The TPS will be mounted to the side of the intake manifold. While tuning the fuel for best vacuum is generally a good idea, that doesn't necessarily apply to timing. Finishing my above project it is time to report as promised to Nick an James who supported me with some basic maps for my MS2 project. Very nice guy and helped keep it as plug and play as possible. not many other ecu's can do that. This is my (hey googlers) Megasquirt 20 valve 4AGE Alpha-N Spark and VE Fuel Map (s) for ITB from last week. 1 to Megasquirt from the incredibly unreliable (to me) Digifant, that I'm making a dedicated thread for it. It is updated frequently, and contains the latest information on assembling, testing, troubleshooting, installing, and tuning your MegaSquirt II includes all of the features and benefits of the original: Onboard MAP and baro sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 44psi (upgrade over standard 21 psi single sensor) Speed density or Alpha-N. htm 10/23 . Larry, to be honest I don't know if the ECU will definitely work to get the bike running, I bought it all in bits & I mean BITS!! Besides that I have to trust 30 year old connections & then chop up a brand new Power commander 5 to adjust the fueling. ) This is my (hey googlers) Megasquirt 20 valve 4AGE Alpha-N Spark and VE Fuel Map (s) for ITB from last week. I downloaded the free Tunerstudio software to get an idea (helped a little). The J-Body Organization, j-body. Note that this is the main documentation that is applicable to all MSPNP2 Platform ECUs. Using the speed-density algorithm, MAP is the main variable and VE is a 'tweak'. looking to get a engine managment system for my progressing red top which will be on throttle bodies. The tuning was through TweecerRT with a separate wide band. Tuning with Alpha-N. MegaSquirt uses Windows9x/ME/XP-based PC Granted, the Megasquirt requires a bit of study, and a lot of reading to get going as desired, but the flexibility is utterly mind boggling! The system code I'm running is MSnS-E , which stands for Megasquirt and Spark-Extra. The Siemens MS41. Alpha-N basically fuels an engine based on throttle angle and RPM (with similar fuel trim for temp, O2 sensor, etc. This is the index to the latest web-based version of the manual for MegaSquirt. MegaSquirt uses Windows9x/ME/XP-based PC Configurator software for firmware reprogramming, engine monitoring, and tuning. the algorithms are constantly developed/improved/tuned, matching and often exceeding those of high-end commercial units, user base is huge (all though not local), ms has hands down biggest beta tester community. The World's Largest Community of RX-7 Owners and Enthusiasts. asm file is the human readable source code. WAY MORE info to come very soon! You also may want to use a TPS if you are studying data logs to make tuning changes. Her kan du vælge et komplet kit med motorstyring, ledningsnet, USB kabel, software osv. Dynoed last fall before tearing it apart to get a number before we tore it all down and built a new motor. Megasquirt-3 Setting Up 0:QuickStart Guide – in brief 0: QuickStart Guide – in brief This list is provided as the bare essentials that you must read. But it also functions in the same manner for enrichments. The third system is an alpha/N system that uses throttle position only. Shop with confidence on eBay! Instead, set the Megasquirt to Alpha-N fueling equation, and use the ITB’s built-in TPS to take care of everything. Dan has 4 jobs listed on their profile. org, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick SkyHawk and Cadillac Cimarron. It also allows alpha-N operation (using a throttle position sensor for fueling) or even blends of alpha-N and speed density. The alpha-N mode is intended for engines with very large camshafts that make using a manifold absolute pressure (MAP The MegaSquirt EFI System is truly the dream Electronic Fuel Injection computer for the DIYer. Speed Density, Alpha-N, MAF based tuning & blended algorithms ITB Mode – blends SD and Alpha-N for excellent drivability with naturally aspirated, multiple throttle applications! Custom blended strategies supported, mix/blend strategies to suit any engine Alpha-n tuning will be abbreviated 'AN' and speed-density tuning will be 'SD'. Depending on the size of the ITB's and the location of the MAP plumbing you may be better off with a full Alpha-N setup. it's for a NA 4 cylinder with ITBs and a big cam how does megasquirt compare to kalmaker? I have a mate with kalmaker and I'd need a real time ecm or a security PAL or I could go with MS. reason to use table 1 for map is because to use the electronic boost contro, l it has to be map and work off the "Primary fuel load" the way boost control is set up. MegaSquirt 3 Gold Box for Z31. The rest of the hardware is likely to be OK, but the analog Pro-Jection ECU is not appropriate for a turbo car at all. I decided to go MegaSquirt. MegaSquirt is a general-purpose aftermarket electronic fuel injection (EFI) controller designed to be used with a wide range of spark-ignition internal combustion engines (i. The system uses an O2 sensor so in idle there is closed loop operation. 00 Select options Start up the tuning software, go to the Constants dialog and change speed density to Alpha-N. Speed Density, Alpha-N, MAF based tuning & blended algorithms ITB Mode – blends SD and Alpha-N for excellent drivability with naturally aspirated, multiple throttle applications! Custom blended strategies supported, mix/blend strategies to suit any engine Alpha-N uses the throttle position ('alpha') and RPM ('N') to calculate the amount of fuel to inject as opposed to using the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) and RPM to calculate the amount of fuel to inject. Hybrid Alpha-N is more of a low load thing, like idle, good with wide cams that make low manifold vacum. Our Gold Box plug and play systems have become very popular, but many of our customers are requesting a universal system. TonyK. RPM) if you have a weak vacuum signal. alpha n tuning megasquirt