World Bank

  • “Every Where Wi Tun Macca Jook Wi”

     The Year 2020 will mark 25 years since the United Nations’ 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. The Platform for Action detailing Twelve (12) Critical Areas of Concern was adopted.  The PFA is still hailed by many as the most comprehensive commitments made by States towards the...
  • jamaican-money

    Investment – serious business that demands transparency

    The concept of gifts, loans, public/private partnerships (PPP), and investments, and the reluctance to define their true status in specific cases presents a clear opportunity for obfuscation and clouding of topics that should be transparent. The clarity is very necessary for accounting for public funds, and in many ways...
  • women in group of men

    Balancing our democracy – Part I

    Globally, the participation of women and men in formal or informal decision-making structures differs between countries and is generally male-dominated. Many factors contend — cultural, economic, social, institutional, political and other forces combine to actively limit women’s equal access to power and decision-making. The World Bank, in its 2012...

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