• Business as usual is costing this country dearly

        The Petrojam scandal must not be allowed to die. On the contrary, it must be pursued until those guilty of misdeeds end up before the courts and in jail. This scandal, which is merely the giant tip of an even bigger iceberg, has shown in a simple,...
  • Education

    Do education reform and stop hitting the dead horse

    Jamaican politicians are notorious for pandering to the gallery and flogging dead horses. We see the pandering all the time: works given out to supporters, glib comparisons about whose party is the most corrupt and the demeaning of both themselves and their supporters with their actions on the campaign...
  • holding hands

    Unions need to demand smart and in unison

    The past decade has seen public sector workers going through the ringer as it relates to pay. With the rate of inflation always in the back of one’s mind, the workers have had to endure a severe wage freeze or a wage increase so minuscule that when adjusted for...

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