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    Too many costly errors

    As far back as May 12, 2017, in Public Opinion, I wrote about the Claiming system: “The object of a claiming system is to ensure horses of like ability compete against each other….not to have horses claimed. Remember the claiming tag should be a deterrent only. In fact, the...
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    Time for financial fundamentals

    Turning local horse racing around won’t be easy for the simple reason it’s been operating on too many fiscal fallacies for too long. Firstly, the industry’s investors have been put to sit at the back of the bus for so long they struggle to recognize the injustice. FACT: Breeders, owners...
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    I suspect horsemen would be unhappy was I in any position of authority over our local racing industry. My first official act would be to scrap the Diamond Mile.  Even when government operated the race track, it was an unconscionable , egregious excess to spend so much taxpayers’ money...
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    A New Day

    Despite the persistent whine of the naysayers, Caymanas Park was divested by way of Lease to Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL) as of March 8. Already, since that date Two race meetings have been run with the races being run on time for the most part; SVREL...

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