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    Pearl-clutchers and enhanced security measures

    The nation is in shock to the core at the recent announcement by the Public Defender that hundreds of children have been held in detention (sometimes extended) under the SOE in St James and parts of St Catherine. People’s stomachs are made to turn when they hear tales of...
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    Don’t fall for electioneering

    Elections are in the air. They will be called earlier than mandated, make no mistake about it. One gets a strong whiff of the stench of campaigning from both parties as they fight two very different battles. On the one hand we have the young PM who is starting...
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    Venezuela election

    Sunday, May 20th 2018 was a landmark date for both Venezuela and the rest of the world. The people of that country stood up to the combined might of the G7 and its leader, the US, to overwhelmingly re-elect Nicolas Maduro. Such an act may seem simple to some...

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